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99 Firestorm for $6,500. Sound suss?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Goose, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Should I even bother having a look? I've seen 98's and 99's going for average 10k in sydney :?


  2. How many kms?
    Service record?
    You haven't really told us much.
  3. Exactly. They don't give many other details. Looks in good nick from the photo but they don't give many other details :(
  4. go and take a look... check if it has been repainted... look cloasely at the frame etc. planty of cheep bikes are crash rebuilds... eather profesionaly (usualy done by insurance) or back yard.... I have seen better repairs come out of some back yards than out of Pro shops so if it is the backyard job make friends with the people...

    And ALWAYS do a security check on any bike you intend to buy!!!
  5. but but.. what if it's a bargain??????

    I didnt do this.. whoops.

    Is it just a matter of ringing the RTA with a vin or engine number?
  6. Apart from a revs check (money owing) it also pays to check the repairable write off's register. This is good to check because if the bike has been involved in a bad accident, written off and repaired, the numbers are kept on file permanently and you'll know at least if it has been badly crashed.
    If you contacts Vicroads (is it still call that?) they'll be able to tell you how to find that info.
  7. Thanks guys. Tanya? your vicroads is our (NSW) RTA right? I didnt even know they had a register like that
  8. Her VicRoads is Queensland Transport which is your RTA.

    As for the bike, Id say its got a squillion ks on it. However thats not necessarilly a bad thing. VTR1000's will go forever if looked after properly.
  9. We have Qld transport, i'm sorry i assumed you were a victorian :)

    The repairable write off register isn't a widely known fact, we only know about it because we bought a repairable write off and registered it :)

    You can do the revs check online, https://online.revs.nsw.gov.au/revs/public.htm is the NSW one.
    From what i can gather (possibly wrong) they will be able to tell you if it's been a repairable write off too, but you will have to actually talk to them..

    *edit* i'm being nice and someone gave me bad karma :roll: can't please everybody i suppose
  10. Cant help but feel partly responsible for that bad karma point you got tanya, so ill send you through (another) one later tonight, when "the man" lets me :)
  11. Just remember - if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  12. Its still worth looking at it, the most you loose is a bit of your time and petrol money.

    Do the usual checks, rta, revs, cops etc to find out if the bike is stolen etc.

    when I got my bike it was an easy 4 hours drive just to pick it up and then back 4 hours.

    The reason sometimes the bike is cheap, either its stolen, the guy is desparate to sell due to remote location, crash and repair or high kms, need to spend $$$ to get it road worthy etc.

    You can use www.redbook.com.au to get an idea on the approximate trade-in price and market price for the bike.
  13. Always worth having a squizz at it. Who knows, it might be an absolute bargain and you'd be kicking yourself if it got away. Bargains do exist sometimes.

    Also wander over to www.ozfirestorm.com and ask the mob there for opinions and things to look out for that are Storm specific.

  14. Sound advice by tanya...
    As mentioned, called the RTA and do 3 checks:
    Finance check
    Stolen vehicle check
    (and for the 3. you'll need the VIN number/ and/ or last rego number)
    The written-off vehicle register check, asking if the bike is listed on the register (sometimes even RTA/VicRoads don't know about it, then ask if the bike with that VIN needs a VIV report for re-registration).
    This way you'll know if it's been listed as a damaged vehicle/someone tries to sell you a unregisterable bike or not etc etc

    As always: if it sounds too good, it most probably is.
    Still worth a look though. Even better to take another bike-savvy mate along and *look-deep* for crash-damage that's hidden under a shiny paint-job.
    Also, as THE-LORD said: some backyard repairs are way better than the so-called pro-jobs, quite simply because often backyarders don't know how and where to cut corners...or because they care.
  15. I agree with all of the above. But it is possible that it is a good deal. I had a look over one that was offered to me for $6000 (bloke is work out of the factory next door) . All in good nick (had been dropped) but fully repaired. I was going to buy it for my bro but he waited too long, saw it up Arthurs seat a week later. The person that bought it ended up paying $7,800
  16. I would call $6,500 a real honest price for a 99 that has something not desirable (eg. very high K's, damage, engine probs - or all the above!!).
    As Dale said, go to the Ozfirestom site as the guys there may know of this bike/owner
  17. as ashes said, 6500 is reasonable but might have high Ks or things like worn tyres, worn pads/discs, scratched fairings etc

    I've seen R1s for around 7.5k recently, so 6.5k for a firestorm doesnt sound too bad
  18. :cry:

    Called up this morning to find out what parking is like at the place.... it's been sold :cry: . I only found it yesterday too
  19. sorry to hear mate better luck next time will keep my eye open for you, if you need a hand inspecting a bike give us a pm and would glady be able to assist but only for firestorms wouldn't have a clue on anything else wink wink nudge nudge :wink:
  20. Thanks Redstormer :D +1 karma for you buddy! Might just take you up on that offer one day soon, assuming I can find something in my price range :roll: