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'99 250 Hornet dipstick?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by AwkwardPause, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Hey Folks, noob here. Just about to register my first bike, a '99 250 Hornet. For some reason the previous owner did away with the dipstick for a red machined alloy cap. Other than draining and refilling the oil, is there an easy way I can check the level? I've searched the engine and there doesn't seem to be a sight window on it. Help!!!! Ha ha!

  2. Use a straw to check level ... And if to much you can suck some out ;)
  3. I tried that. Now I'm well lubed, but I'm still not sure about the bike!
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  4. If in doubt do an oil change and refill with the correct amount of oil on the side of the case.
  5. It looks like I'll have to do that. Bummer because it was recently serviced. I thinking more of ongoing checks. I didn't realise that Hornet spares were as common as rocking-horse poop in Aus.
  6. Not really, certainly not confidently. Your choices probably are to either i) hit the wreckers and see if you can get one, or ii) ask another rider with the same bike to show you their's, measure the distance to low and high markers, and fashion your own from a piece of clothes hanger wire or similiar.
  7. Thanks. That's what I was thinking. I'll be the moron frantically chasing down the next Hornet I see on the road! Ha ha!
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  8. Grab a book and hang-out at the Lorne servo and wait for one to come to you? I'd think it wouldn't take long one fine Saturday or Sunday.
    I can just imagine you walking up to a Hornet 250 owner saying, "Hey, can I check out your dipstick?". If you do, please make sure you're wearing a GoPro and show us the result :) :)
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  9. OK Who called hornethornet a dipstick?
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  10. It's a grey import bike mate.
  11. Ha ha! Challenge accepted!
  12. Yeah, So I've just found out. I didn't know what that even meant a couple of days ago. Steep learning curve!
  13. Basically it means you have a bike that was never delivered and sold in Australia to the Australian public.
  14. The Hornet 250's engine is almost the same as the CB250RR's engine (different camshafts and a few other things). Hence, when I lost my dipstick I replaced it with a dipstick from a CBR250RR. The oil level looked correct on the new dipstick and I didn't experience any problems after that.

    However, the CBR250RR's dipstick and Hornet 250's dipstick have a different part numbers. The Hornet 250's dipstick is 15650-KEA-000 while the CBR250RR's is 15650-KAZ-000.

    As you can see, the component and function number is the same, but the PCN numbers differ. The PCN number refers to the first motorcycle on which the part in question was used. As far as I know, KEA refers to the Hornet 250 itself and KAZ refers to the CBR250RR. That means that both bikes were supposedly the first to use their respective dipsticks, which in turns suggests that they are in fact unique. That's not to say, however, that they aren't the same length.

    Make of this information what you will, but I wouldn't recommend just filling the bike with the prescribed amount of oil and assuming it's all good. I've changed oil many times and never seen a bike take exactly the amount specified in the booklet.
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  15. Now THAT is how you answer a noob question! Thank you! Much appreciated!
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  16. I think you'll find that the oil dipstick from the 600 Hornet will fit the 250; ask your local Honda dealer, or, as Jason suggests, hit the wreckers.....
    And, yes, I have been called a dipstick, but I'm a bit too pudgy these days to be one :LOL:
  17. I'd be a bit hesitant via-a-vis the 600 dipstick. It's a totally different engine :S Any reason to think it might be the same length?
  18. There's ton of cbr250's being wrecked in Melbourne shops .
    It will be easy to find a dipstick.
  19. So I drained the oil, without changing the filter, and then refilled the engine with exactly 2.2 litres of oil, as per the manual. Then I made up my own dipstick, warmed up the the engine, and checked the oil depth (flat ground, bike on side stand) and found that the level was about 165mm from the top of the threads to the oil level. Can anyone confirm if this is right?