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98 Suzuki Across Value... What to do!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kruxaldifivic, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. I've found a '98 model Across at a Suzuki dealer. It has 43,318 kms on the clock, seems in good nick, front fairing broken on both sides of the screen (where the handlebars are on full lock), asking $3,500 ONO.

    As I'm hunting for a first bike(good commuter), does this seem like a good deal? It's had a few owners over its life and a few battle scars from being dropped. However the main front/side fairing looks as though its been repaired/replaced.

    Should drop my bundle and race to the shop and get it now? Or hold out and get a new Hyosung GT250R?

  2. I got a 1999 model in excellent nick and with about 20,000 clicks for $1900... Keep shopping.

    /Course, that was a bastard of a good deal. If you want to be riding asap, go pony up!
  3. Seems way too pricey, especially in a state where 250s aren't the only option for learners.
  4. Hmmm, $3500 for a damaged bike with the km's starting to build up. I'd keep looking. (can only go on what you've told us)
  5. http://jcorcuera.gallery.netspace.net.au/2005Dec11MelbToyRun/DSC01374

    Got above for 4k in perfect nick with 19,000 clicks on it. Never had a problem with it.

    Damn that's a good deal...if it was any cheaper it would be stolen :LOL:
  6. Yeah I was bloody tempted to sell it again the next day!
  7. I've looked in the trading post, and it seems that $3.5K is the usual asking price for these bikes (with less kms!).

    I'll have another chat with the sales guy, see if I can get him down to $2k-$2.5k.
  8. I agree, $3.5k for something with that many kms in NSW is not really good value. $2.5k would be a better deal for you, although that's probably not much more than what they traded it for.
  9. In NSW? Crikey, yeah, the value of a 250 shouldn't be artificially propped up like it is here in VIC where every learner has to buy noe.
  10. Would of made a 2k profit...Across' have good resale anyway...you still would have made a profit if you sold it a year later.

    I plan to sell mine for 4k mid 2006.