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98 Firestorm - any 'gotchas'?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, May 23, 2007.

  1. You guys have been super patient with my questions and my various musings about what bike to get. I want a faired v-twin, and had been looking at SV650s, but I've found very sweet 98 Firestorm (VTR 1000F) for a very good price.

    Are there any major issues with these I need to be aware of in checking it out? I know about the smallish tank and fuel economy/milage issue.


  2. Steering head bearings, some idiots just can't help popping the front up at every opportunity.

    Front cylinder cam chain, clutch for wear or loose basket.
    And don't plan on touring much at all, not without the jerry can on the back.
  3. Perfect, thanks for that. More please, people!
  4. They have a regulator-rectifier that loves to go pop. Make sure the thing is charging, lest the owner just have slotted in a fresh battery which'll get it going enough to last to get home after you've bought it...
  5. Mrs Bravus will get annoyed because you'll spend all your time in the garage. Sitting on the bike, blipping the throttle and just enjoying the sound...
  6. Ya reckon the noise isolating earphones and mp3 player'o'metal won't get much of a run? ;) I can live with that (and she'll have to). It has Microns on it too, so it should sound pretty sweet (i.e. more so than stockers).

    We shall see what eventuates, but I just went and asked the bank for the dough and they didn't blanch.
  7. How many k's on the clock?
  8. hey bravus basically its just what people have said, the reg goes but peolpe having been fitting bigger ones to their bikes for about $150, when i come across where i read it i'll post the info up, as far as the cam chain tensioners go, there are different stories but honda recommend changing the front one every 20,000k's

    i have a 98, yes i know its a 97 in my sig panel but thats build date not year model, has 44k kms on it, just replaced the front cct and getting the rear done tomorrow

    people think the firestorm is a boring bike to ride, anyone i know thats owned one will beg to differ including myself

    edit: hmmm mine actually has 48000 now had 44000 when i got it
  9. It has 52,000 km, and is pretty schmick... but I rang the guy and he said he put it up at the bargain price because he had another project he wanted the cash for urgently. Someone screwed him around on the bike and it ended up not selling for a while, that project is no longer in the works and he's spent money on the bike and gear and (reading between the lines) fallen in love with it again in the mean time. He's thinking over night about whether he's still willing to let it go at that price, but my gut feeling is he's really not and will either say he's taking it off the market or ask for more dough. C'est la vie.
  10. As expected, dude ended up not wanting to sell it at that price. He had a blingin' 98 Firestorm with Micron pipes up for $5700, so I think it would been a bargain if he'd stuck with it, but as said above, circumstances changed.

    Since I was only jumping early/borrowing money because it was a bargain, I'll leave it a little longer before I get a bike. There is a possible change of jobs/salaries in the works which would mean I could buy something near-new, so... I'll at least wait for that, and if that doesn't come off wait to pay off some debt.

    And, actually, given the time to wait and think, and to contemplate the fact that with a VTR and a (potential) 200 km round trip commute I'd have to fill up *every cocking day*, I'm leaning more back toward an SV 650 (which I'd probably still have to fill at least 3 days out of 5) or possibly even a VStrom... ah what the hell, it's fun to dream, and thanx as always for your input. Now back to punishing and enjoying the Spada for a while longer.

    (The pay rise and the long commute come together, and if I don't get that job I'll have a short commute, and may well go for another naked.)