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'98 1100 Virago

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  1. Tahlia1989 submitted a new showcase item:

    '98 1100 Virago

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  2. Awww "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."
  3. Pretty cool!

    Although I never understood the crazy incline on the petrol tank.
  4. Yes, the tank position is strange, maybe they were just wanting it to look different what else was out there? Don't know. I love it though, even doing 60 I can feel the power it's got, it's awesome!
  5. Hey T, I thought you were never going to change unless it was a Harley.
    The 1100 is pretty good, much better than the 650, and 17K is great for 15yrs old.
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  6. I loved my 650 but this bike is more comfortable for me, I'm not stretched out like I was on the 650. It went it for a roadworthy on Friday, I had to ride it in with the choke on because it refused to run with it off. It passed the roadworthy no worries, but they took the carbys out and they were full of gunk, the jets had seized into the carbys and the manifolds need replacing. I'mpissed that the dealer I bought it from sold it before fixing these issues, but once they're fixed it should run fine, and I'll put heaps of kms on it and love it to death. :)
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