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97 zx7r cooling issues.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. as far as i'm aware, no bikes like traffic. the last time filtering down geelong road she started gettin' warm. this morning she overheaded and coolant pissed out of somewhere. i gave her a rest for a bit, but then she was running normal temp while going, and oh so close to cooking at every stop. i know i should have given her longer but i really couldn;t afford to at that time.

    i will get her lookd at when have cash and cbf, however, there's something i immediately need to address.

    i'm at my gf's in glenroy so am tool-less, but i'll endure a painful ride home tomorrow.

    why painful??? since topping up, (with water not coolant until i get around to flushing her completely), the ride over here physically left burns on my legs (was in shorts), more so on my left shin, from hot air blowing straigh into my shin from the fairing.

    since taking receipt of the bike,it's always been a bit warm around the engine, now i'm thinking prob more so than normal coz now it definitely is a problem it's really f'n bad. bike was at normal running temp though.

    so - questions:

    1. radiator needs a flush, is there a plug at the bottom or am i gonna have to go the hose??? i'm sure it's doable without fairing removal but difficult a task for me methinks!!!

    2. should they have a fan, i'm assuming so, haven't heard one, haven't looked to be honest. (lazy but it's a 2 or 3 letter answer for someone that knows)?

    3. anyone close to here that has tools and feels like quickly going over the bike with me? or maybe tomorrow/saturday in fairfield.

    can't quite afford a service yet so i need to do the beer and food thing for someone.
  2. This doesn't sound like a problem a coolant flush would fix. It has a fan and if the fan isnt coming on theres a problem with either the fan or most probably the thermostat that controls when the fan comes on.

    I wouldn't recommend you ride it anymore with it overheating like that, its pretty bad for the motor. Leave the bike on until it gets hot and check if the fan turns on to cool the radiator down.

    Sorry I can't come have a look, im working and on the other side of melb
  3. no probs thanks
    the old boy doesn't start til 2 tomorrow so i'll get him to plug the fan straight into the battery n if she works i'll rip the thermostat out and change her.
  4. Go one step better. Forget about the thermostat, the problem is usually with the temperature sender on the radiator. Probably a $100 part.

    Instead, fix the biggest problems bikes seem to come with these days. Even my wife's near new Gixxer 750 does it, which is the fan doesn't come on until it's too late. By then it's very hard to keep the temperature from overheating. Put a manual switch on it, and when you feel the bike is warmed up, turn on the fan early. This time of year, after the bike has been running 5 minutes, turn it on till you get to your destination.
  5. Both the I 2 Kawasaki's I ride have that fans run after the ignition is off.
    It is normal for it to get hot around the legs. I wear jeans (at least) to protect my legs. My personal opinion is that nothing is wrong....but a drain and flush is good maintenance.