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97 Yamaha TT600 Fork Seals, PHOTOs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Swerve, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    In the process of replacing seals in my 97 TT600. No I dont have a manual and am working blind. Am quite techniclly minded but not sure.


    I have the fork leg removed and have removed the cap at the top of the leg (USD forks). Have separted the cap from the inner rod and sprng removed. Have also unprised the dust cover and clip ring.


    The inner leg will not come out from the outer leg, Looking inside you can see a small bump, where I can only asume is to stop the inner and outer leg pulling apart. This would mean I need to remove the bottom forkdropout. The only way in seems to be the small 4mm alen key from the dropout to lower fork leg. I have tried un doing this and it wont budge.

    Can someone advise me how to get in ????? to complete the fork seal job ?????????/



  2. Take it to a good mechanic! Works for me!
  3. Generally speaking, when pulling apart forks it requires a rather large amount of brute force and sliding the forks apart as forcefully as possible to remove that inner ring. It might be a bit different for those forks as you've said you've already removed both the seals.
  4. Hey all,

    Just did some reading

    http://faq.f650.com/FAQs/ForksMaintFAQ.htm#Problems Removing Forks

    And in most cases people were saying you need to pull apart both outer and inner slides. It feels strange as you think you may break them and I could hear metal hitting metal.

    Gave it a go and sure enough the fork seak was moving. Once aprt there is a metal bush which was the hitting sound. Will post some photos for other people once finished !


    PS-- Thanks all
  5. I think you'll find that there is a retaining bolt in the bottom of the fork inner tube, that is accessible through the OTHER end of the fork leg. It's often an Allen key. Undo it and the inner should slide free of the outer.

    As a general rule, BFI (brute force and iggorance) is NOT the best policy....
  6. The way I have done it is correct.

    It;s hard to explainon the inner, picture the

    1- Dust cap
    2- C-clip
    3- Fork seal
    4- spacer
    5- bush, (with split)
    6- rasied edge on inner

    When the inner is inside the outer, the fork seal is wedged hard into its place on the outer. when the two are pulled apart the sound of metal was the spacer, bush, raised lip. I only applied a firm pull apart force and after the 2 attempt I could see the fork seal being pulled out. Thats when I new i was on the correct path after reading a few other pages this morning.

    Only problem is the bloody shop has given me the wrong size fork seal so I cant complete the work !!! bloody hell.

  7. All,

    Just pulled apart the 2nd leg. Here are some step by step photos for all.

    1- Before you start make sure the leg is in the triple clamp, other wise its impossible to undo the top cap

    2- Release the air valve, not sure if this is required but the less pressure the better.

    3- Undo the top cap. This require allot of force. Make sure your bike is well supported.

    4- You need to undo the top cap from the valving (whatever you call it). Hold this nut and undo the top cap.
    Note my bodgy spring clamp !


    5- Remove dust cover, use a very fine flathead screwdriver then get a bigger one.

    6- Now remove the C-Clip

    7- One the C-Clip is out look at your fork seal, Now gently but firmly pull both outer and inner part apart. You will here a metal sound. Check your fork seal to see if it has moved. Took me about three four hits.

    8- Once the inner is out this is your fork seal and bushes