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97 model GSXR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by outtalive, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Hey all,
    As you've probably seen from some of my early posts I'm currently doing my research for when my restriction's lifted next year and I can upgrade to a bigger bike.
    So far I'm probably leaning towards a CBR600 but have also noticed 97 model GSXR600s seem to go for a pretty decent price, usually areound the $6K mark, plus they don't look bad either.

    Got an example of a model here:

    Anyone had any experience with this particular type of bike? If it come down between a CBR600 of the same year and the GSXR was a better price would I be foolish to go for it?
  2. have you sat on either of them? there is a world of difference between these 600s, what is right for one might not be right for another. the gixxer has a more racey feel, which is great for track riding, but might not be all to comfy for touring/commuting. the cibby is more of a tourer, still capable of the fast stuff but more angled towards being comfy than the gix.

    dont get set on a brand because of the specs, find out what they're like in the real world first. i'll be faster on my thundercat than on a gix, because the power, handling and position suit me to a tee. others will find themselves much faster on the gix, its all up to what you want from a bike, and what you're comfortable with.

    and dont rule out the ninja or the cat, they're all great bikes that will all go for around the same price and have similar power and handling in the right hands. unless you've got a serious case of brand loyalty, you might find you're missing the bike thats right for you. i never liked yamaha before i bought the cat :LOL:
  3. It really depends what are you going to be using the bike for?

    In my opinion, GSXRs are track bikes. I reckon the CBR600 is a great all-rounder and will put up a good fight against a 97 gixxer. The YZF600 is a similar bike, I found them cheaper then the CBRs though. ZX-6 is also a good bike (I'm not much of a green person though).
  4. just a hint I have gone through a lot of bikes second hand ones with out any trouble although i have bought 2 brand new ones too
    have a look around second hand bikes as well for the price of a new cbr600 which would be great to have. there are a few cbr1000f`s around and other 1000 bikes i noticed lot cheaper than a new one. the last owners name will be on the slip give em a call find out why they sold their bike they want lie to you like some shop dealers will you could save a bit of money that way
  5. Although a beefier bike would be nice, my budget is around the $6000-$7000 mark and so the 600cc class seems a good range for that price (used obviously).
    The particular bikes I've seen that've tickled my fancy have been 95-98 model CBR600s,ZX-6Rs and those GSXR600s I guess my main concern is just making sure that those makes in those years don't have any particular mechanical problems.
    If most people have found those bikes to be fine I guess it'll just come down to which is the best size and riding position for me?
  6. I've ridden that model of GSXR, very nice bike. I was expecting a v-extreme riding position but they aren't really that bad. The handling is also great with nice stable/predictable cornering.

    Can't comment on the CBR as I've never ridden one.....
  7. thanks for the pointer there, s'pose only thing for it is to go around a few places and sit on these bikes to check out the riding position..become the dreaded "tyre kicker"..anyone here work in a bike dealership?