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97 gsx250f suzuki across help please

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by OG, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. This morning my across would not start , totally no power no lights etc.

    I ride it everyday and have been having no issues etc so it is really wierd.
    I am able to bump start it and i got to work ok but it runs a bit rough in low revs in first and the rev meter is stuck on 10k rpm and freaks out when i indicate.

    Anyone know where the fuze box is on one of these things i can not see any reference in the service manual, im hopeing either a fuze or somehow the battery got disconected.

    The battery and the charging regulator are less than 12 months old .

  2. do you know how to lift up the storage compartment to get to the engine?

    it sounds like something is shorting out. have a look around the engine compartment to see any obvious melting of wires, or wires that have worn on metal components
  3. 12 month old may not mean they are ok.

    You'll need to test your charging system step-by-step to rule it out.
    1) test the battery teminals give 12v+ with nothing on.
    2) test across the battery terminals at 5000rpm and if you get near 14v
    3) disconnect the neg terminal and perform a leak test from the terminal to the cable and see if you there is significant Mv
    4) test the outputs direct from the stator at 5000rpm across all pin combinations, should be 60v or more each?
    5) test your reg/rec outputs, etc
    You'll need to download a manual to guide you through most likely as this is how i do it on a GSXR rather than an across.

    Have you fully charged the battery and tried seeing how the bike runs?
    My charging system (stator) was fried but on a full charged battery it would run ok for an hour or so before cutting out (but thats cos it runs more electrics, although the across does have an electric fuel pump too).
  4. check your battery connections could possably be a weak contact its very common and an easy fix