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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by enforcer, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. What tyre should I have for the front and back tyres for an Across?

    So far I've been putting 32psi in the front and 36psi in the back.
  2. i always ran 42 front and rear with the arrowmax, the crappyaxe ran the same
  3. Should be a placard somewhere on the bike stating recommended pressures (required to comply with ADR). Those pressures seem high, think my bike from memory recommends 28psi front and rear.
    Correction: thats 29 front and back for rider, 32 all round for rider+pillion
  4. There should also be a [space] bar on ya keyboard too :p
  5. whatyoutalkingboutvic?whatthehellisaspacebar?somethingastronaughtseatwhentheygetthemunchiesorsomethinglol

    why is that so much harder to type than when i use spaces? :shock:
  6. I've got a habbit of PuttingNoSpaces for headings and file names.
  7. I put 32 front and 36 rear. Find that combination works well for me without it being too twitchy.

    Tends to feel a bit squirmy at the recommended 29 front and 32 rear.