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96 zx7r vs 01 r6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by psybic, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. 96 ZX7R - for $5,500

  2. 01 R6 - for $7,500

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  1. OK, figured I'd ask the question. Like everyone else does. Even though just like everyone else, I'll change my mind many times even after some good advice.

    Situation is, I have a TTR250, which has been fun for the bush, but I've started to need to ride into town and hopefully will soon need to ride in everyday for work.

    I've tried riding a ZX9R, ZX7R and R6.

    ZX7R is $5,500, but I'll have to try sell my bike for $3,000 soon after purchase.

    R6 is $7,500 effectively because he will take my bike and $4,500 on top.

    So ZX7R, weighs about 40kg more, is 5 years and 20,000kms older. But is $2,000 cheaper and its closer to my house.

    R6 is nice and light, newer, looks better, cost more, is further away so I'd have to trailer my TTR down to Sydney somehow, but at least I don't need to find a buyer for my bike.

    So I know the R6 is well WORTH that much money, but for the sake of $2,000 in my pocket, I am thinking I can live with the ZX7R, when I'm at a point of needing every cent I can get. hence the need for a bike for transport instead of car.

    BTW, even tho the ZX7R is bloody heavy, it was really easy to ride and easy to move around at slow speed. I guess also the issue is, $2,000 means different things to pretty much everyone, so its hard to understand exactly where I'm coming from.

    I guess what I'm saying is, do you settle for something that you know will keep your attention for a while, or sacrifice what is a decent amount of money to you and have something that you feel will keep you happy for even longer?
  2. Well the thing with the R6 become unavailable, so I picked up my ZX7 yesterday.

    I like it.
  3. The ZX7-R's are brilliant value for money. They're meant to have excellent front end feel and despite the fact they weigh as much as a sherman tank they carry their weight really well. I'm thinking seriously of getting one in the future. They look dead sexy too :cool:
  4. Yeah man, it surprised me when I read how heavy it was, doesn't feel bad at all. Very easy to ride.

    Easy step up from a 250cc, so easy, almost feels easier to handle even at slow speed.

    Sounds amazing. Chick I bought it off now has an 03 R1. Both have same yoshi pipe and this sounds sooo much fatter. We suspect its the fault of the exup valve.

    Does look the hottness, lots of comments. Very happy it turned out this way.
  5. by a long shot... except trying to turn em round on grass when ya first get it :)

    think mine has crap pads though coz she doesnt pull up as well as i'd like. especially 2 up.
  6. Actually that is something I've noticed... brakes don't hammer on. They aren't touchy at all, I have to get the front brake a fair way in before it does anything. Certainly doesn't feel like a stoppy is possible like how other people say you have to be careful not to do a stoppy on other sports bikes. Not sure if it's the weight or if I need to adjust the brakes or like you said, crap pads...
  7. Might just need to be bleed? If it doesn't come on immediately there's probably air in the system. It's probably best to pull the pads out to inspect them too. I think they're tokico so it's dead easy. Just remove the rear dust cover with an allen key, then undo the clip on the pin inside, slide the pin out then pull the pads out. You can also clean up the pistons with brake cleaner, as you would believe how much crap gets in the pistons. Just be careful not to pump the piston's out too much as they'll fall out and then leak fluid everywhere which means you have to bleed the system which can be a big pain. Then lightly grease the pistons, put some high performance pads in. I use SBS sintered but can't say I recommend them. They chewed up my brand new Metal Gear discs. If that doesn't work, i'd probably get the master cylinder rebuilt, bleed the system and install braided lines. Should be able to do stoppies easy with those big six piston calipers!