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96 zx6 Street Fighter

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by BlueRex, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. late last year i ran into the back of a car and there was a fair bit of damage done to the fairing.

    Instead of spending a crap load of money for new fairings i decided to go down the street fighter path.

    Below is the end result.

    A bracket had to be made to mount the instrument cluster higher so that the headlights would fit.


  2. Reasonably tidy job. Good work! :wink:
  3. Not bad. The instrument cluster's got to go, though. I'm having the same issue with mine. I was thinking about cutting it up.... But nah, it probably just needs replacing.
  4. Good job with what you've got.

    Instrumetns and coolant bottle are always ugly when uncovered!
  5. I'm happy to see Rexy is still going strong.

    The streetfighter style suits that bike.
  6. it needs:

    Alloy coolant bottle
    Acewell dash or similar
    A different front guard or more cutting done to the sides of that one.
  7. are you finding the ram-air and issue?
  8. Holy Crap!.... :|

    Do you happen to know a certain IT Service Desk bloke who rides a Yellow VTR250??
  9. Haha yes i believe i do! What happend to your indicator?
  10. She is still going strong, hasn't missed a beat.
  11. I don't believe so, Loz mentioned i may have problem with surges at 100km but i have not noticed anything.
  12. Um, the mounting screw un the underside of the indicator fell out soehow and it was left hanging by the wire. Poached the bottom bolt of the rego plate which is the same thread pattern which has temporarily resolved it until I can find a replacement screw.

    I thought i might have snapped it off by hitting a car through westgate traffic but it didn't seem snapped at all :S

    What happened about your bike apparently leaking fuel all over the footpath at work?
  13. you should fit a gauge cluster from http://www.kosonorthamerica.com/

    im thinking of upgrading the cluster on my 250R with parts from these guys
    digital vs analogue
  14. what about mirrors :shock:
  15. It has a bar end mirrors.