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'96? Blue ZX7

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hi all, a mate has offered me his ZX7? for $5000. It's a 1996? and it's a light blue sort of colour. He dosent ride it any more and it appears to be in good nick although I'm not sure about the KM's. I need to find a pic to show the wife but I can't seem to find that colour on the net although he said it was original as far as he knows. I would just go over there with the camera but he lives on the other side of town. So yes I'm lazy :LOL: .

    Anyway enough of the blah blah here is the Q

    1. Is 5 Grand too much for a reasonably good nick ZX7
    2. Was blue a standard colour?
    3. Any thoughts on what they are like?

  2. 1) If it's in good nick, 5 grand is a very good price.
    2) Yes I'm pretty sure they did come in blue.
    3) I've heard they're great. Coconuts rides a streetfightered one. Proper race geometry and suspension, and I'd assume they go pretty hard as well.

    Ride it, if you like it the price soudns like a good deal and from what I know the model is a good one.
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  4. Thanks Loz, I'm going to take a ride over there tomorrow and take it for a spin. Other mate in town here suggested a couple of checks to see if it has been flogged and he also said to be carefull of ones that had spent too much time on the back wheel.

    Apparently oil starvation is a quick killer on frequently mono'ed bikes :p
    He also reccomended to factor in the cost of a good steering damper as they can get the head shakes a bit?

    Thanks again
  5. I looked at bikepics (www.bikepics.com) and couldn't see any blue in 95, 96, 97 but a couple in 98.
  6. Same here, thats why I was thinking hmm? Original Paint???? Been for a trip down the road sideways? I'll have to ask.

  7. you wont find a lot of heavily mono'd ZX7s mate, its not that its impossible to do, but they're not exactly a wheelie machine. they're a quick enuff bike, and have some awesome handling characteristics, but wheelies definately are NOT their big selling point being one of the heavier sportsbikes out there.

    izzit definately a ZX7R? i'm pretty sure it never came in blue as stock, the earlier ZXR750s tho did definately come in a nice light blue. the earlier bikes are still awesome, but not quite up to the 7r standard.

    check these out
  8. )Coconuts, thanks mate, I checked out those sites and I reckon it's a 1992 ZXR750. It has the two induction hoses going into the top of the tank. I'm thinking 5G's is too much for that now considering for 8G's I can get a 2002 ZX9-R (It's sweet :wink: )
  9. still have a ride of the 7r tho mate. remember, its not ALL about ponies, the feel of the bike means more than a lot of people think :wink:

    the 7r is one of those bikes, you'll ride it and you'll either love it straight away or hate it straight away...
  10. The ZXR750RR was the superbike of its era wasn't it? That was the one I was thinking of that I'd seen in blue. They carve up a racetrack, ask JohnnyO.
  11. Yes, that sounds about right. The '92 did come in blue (I reckon it was the best looking of the old ZXR's) and if it has the two Hoover tubes then it's definitely of that era.
    5K sounds about right if it's a good one, but expect to budget for a new rear shock, swinging arm bushes & some springs for the front forks (I'd be using this to get something knocked off the price).

    In fact, be quick mate or I might just take it myself :wink:
    (I'm coming over all moist, just thinking about it)
  12. Your spot on zx7 old verses zx9 2002 no contest if you want comfort and ponys the choise is obvious spend the extra bucks :grin: I rode a zx7 mind you later model than that before i bought the 9