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95 ZX6r Track bike + ++++

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Sheeth, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Kawasaki ZX6r 1995, plus a bike and half of spares!


    $2300 ONO for THE LOT

    This bike is the perfect first track bike, more spares than you'll ever need if you have an off and really easy to work on. This bike took me from 1:18s at bradford, to consistent 1:08, and trust me I'm no Stoner haha.

    Excuse all the photos, there's a lot to show.

    Please note all fairing combos seen, both in the on track photos, on the bike in the garage, and in the separate photos are ALL included.

    Mods to the bike include:

    Braided lines,
    520 chain and shorter gearing
    Braided lines
    Cat removed plus gp style exhaust
    Carbs jetted (Spare stock carbs included)
    WP Piggy back Rear shock 98 model
    Suspension has been properly set up
    The current fairings on the bike are all retro fitted. The spares are 1 crashed set, 1 brand new unused set, and some more random fairings off different bikes I had for spares.
    Mechanically though it’s A1. We did a complete strip and full service including valve clearance, carb clean and balance, brake re build etc.
    As well as all the oils, sparks, air and fuel filters etc done pretty regularly.

    Tyres are Q2’s, plus I’ve got a spare Q1 rear and slick front you can have.

    Heaps of shit well worth checking out if your keen, to many spares to mention etc. Literally more than a a second bikes worth.

    Feel free to call 0425840392 with any questions and or any offers! ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED!

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  2. Excuse the double post, some photos of all the spares!

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  3. One more (for now haha) And yes that is a yoshi slip on

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  4. im glad it has lines! haha :)
  5. Haha! Was an optional extra back then for Kawasaki haha, Braided lines is what I meant! haha
  6. PRICE DROP to $2300!

    I know it looks ugly but it goes so hard!
  7. I've just dropped 500 bucks of the asking price to $2300, I really want some more space in the garage!

    Are you going to be the one to get this unreal deal?
  8. If I had room for all the spares, I would certainly take it... But alas, I hardly have enough room for spares for my road bike :p
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  9. If your serious Krollinator Id be happy to let you take what you want for that price or a little lower, and I'll put the rest on ebay to clear out the space.
  10. still for sale by any chance?
  11. Certainly is Man Hands, keen to come have a look?
  12. Yep for sure - where are you at Sheeth?
  13. I'm in Cheltenham, South east. I'll PM you my phone number and address talk soon
  14. SOLD feel free to close mods
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