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95 Unleaded or Premium???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by SilverXVS650A, May 2, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone

    Yesterday I went to see my new c50 :grin: which I pick up on Tuesday.
    The guy at the shop said it's ready to go and asked him to start it and soon as it kicked over that quite little rumble on idle was nice to hear.
    I asked him which fuel have they used he said 95 unleaded.
    What I would like to know is it better to use the premium unleaded or just normal unleaded for new bikes? and if I was to use the premium would it be ok to just fill it up once this 95% has gone through the tank?


  2. Refer to the manual, as it depends on the bike.

    And never listen to the dealer when it comes to specific info about bikes.
  3. 98 octane is good if you have high compression otherwise it is a waste of money.
    Check the user manual as suggested above.
  4. You can run it on normal unleaded. I use to put 95 in my C50. Reckon it went further on a tank. Use to mix & match too. Whatever was available at the pump.
  5. Normal unleaded is 91/92 octane

    Premium unleaded is 95 octane

    98 octane is the most expensive & is suitable mainly for fuel injected petrol engines.

    My 95' Triumph has carbs & runs sweet on the recommended Premium 95.
    Runs like cr*p on 91 or 98 fuel.

  6. Thanks guys.

    I will look at the manual never thought of that!

    But sounds as thou 95 is the go.

    Cheers Alfie
  7. Fixed.

    You can use 98 if you want the detergents to clean up the fuel system, but you wont get any more power if your engine isn't set up/tuned/designed for it.
  8. Save your money and use 91 with the occasional tank of 98 on a good run.
  9. Thanks guys

    Great info :grin: but also conflicting I guess it's personal preference or like it has been said go by the manual and stick to that.

  10. Lol :p
  11. Just run normal unleaded in mine ,its fine . :cool:

    Red ...I can't PM here, but to reply to your questions.

    I sold my M50 ,not thing wrong with the bike :cool: ,I just wanted to try a cruiser and had my fun :grin: and went back to a sports-tourer style .

    Drilling the pipes will void the warrenty IF ,they can prove that the drilling caused the problem....If the wheels fall off ,it had nothing to do with drilling the pipes so ,its not a second thought ..if you get my drift.
    If the motor blow up for some strange reason {not likely },get it towed home ,buy some $200 second hand pipes from someone that brought a new aftermarket set ,and then take it to the dealer .
    In other words ,drill away and don't worry about it . :cool:

    If your going to buy aftermarket pipes and want to do alot of touring ,it can drive you nuts with the load pipes.
    I drilled 8 holes in each pipe and it sounded good and not to loud .

    See the C50 forum ,all info on whats good and cheap mods and how to drills the holes and sizes etc.

    I really loved the bike and miss the cruiser ride ,you'll have a blast on the bike.

    And remember ....A cruiser is a "style" of motorcycle the way YOU ride it is another story ,have fun in the twistys. :cool:

  12. Thanks everyone for your input

    Sled as you know by now won't be riding the c50 as planned :( but I guess I'll have to settle for the xvs650a

    I'll keep in mind about the pipes :grin:
  13. So who are you supposed to listen to Phizog? Some random guy off the
  14. what would be concidered a high compression engine for a bike?
    my car has a comp of 11:1 and i run mobil 98, however my VTR250 (with 11:1 comp) is currently running the same fuel.. checked the book and just says unleaded fuel.. can i get away with something a bit cheaper??
  15. VTR250 is just fine on regular 91-octane unleaded. :grin:

    Compression ratio is just one of several factors which determine what octane rating is required in order to prevent detonation.

    The other factors include, but are not limited to: how well designed and manufactured the combustion chambers and pistons are, how "hot" the sparkplugs are, ignition timing, forced-induction, intake air temperatures... and so on.

    In short, compression ratios and fuel octane requirements can't really be compared from engine to engine. Too many variables. :)
  16. kewl. ill give it a shot with a coupe of liters of unleaded. before i drop a full tank in it..

  17. Normal unleaded for the C50, ran mine on 95 for a while ran like crap, Suzuki recommend 91.