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'94 ZZR250 Slight rattling noise need help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cptnrickstar, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Hi All,
    I have a rattling noise that has started on my ZZR250.
    It basically will start at around the idle range which is okay at 1500rpm or there abouts. Then when I rev to about 3000rpm (even in neutral or in gear) it makes a rattling noise. Sounds like there is a screw or something in the engine -if that makes sense. I've lifted the petrol tank to investigate and it seems ok. Checked spark plug cables etc. I also played with the carby (there is a screw on that / sort of near the accelerator cable - I adjusted that a little - which seems to toggle fuel or something) I hope that hasn't caused more of a problem ?!
    Other than that it sort of sounds like it is in the engine more up the front though ? if that makes sense? But it clearly goes away when I am over 3000/4000 rpm.

    Anyways I am a little lost, spewing as I wanted to go for a ride lastweek.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! thank you!
  2. Probably camchain.
  3. Does the noise stop when you pull the clutch in?
    How many k's on the clock?
  4. Hi 2whellsagain, No it does not stop when the clutch is pulled in. The engine only has 34k on the clock. It was working fine and then all of a sudden its rattling.
  5. I use earplugs. Makes my rattles and knocks sound much smoother.
  6. zzrs & gpxes just have this rattle. they usually start around 30-000 then keep rattling till 60/70-000 then the cam chain dies in the arse.

    quite normal. sell it when it hits 59,000.
  7. it MAY also simply be a slightly lose bit of the fairing - go over the whole front end and make sure its tight - also the instrument binacle has rubber mounts which can come lose and make a vibration at certain revs ... had this happen on mine
  8. ZZR250 Rattle= Camchain.

    Starting to notice a pattern in the comments yet? It happens to all of them (GPX too). If it's just a light tick then it may last another 30k as es said, but if it fails then it can become problematic. I can't remember what it cost when egiste replaced his, but I don't think it was super expensive. :)
  9. mine was about $800
  10. I think Mark's was a lot less...., or maybe I mis heard him. My hearing is shitful.
  11. mine may have had further internal damage... i dunno. i got it done for like $25 per hour too.

    thats the bike not my hearing.
  12. Cam chain. Cost me around $600 with a minor, get it looked at asap.
  13. if it's the cam-chain tensioner you want that looked at asap. They are expensive little suckers from memory too, maybe (bad memory here) $200~$250 a unit.
  14. Took all the fairings off the bike, front, sides etc. It is still making the rattle, sounds like it is in the engine when I am close to it. So it must be the camshaft belt.
    I took the spark plugs out to check the condition of them, and to make sure they were tightening ok etc and on removing one of the sparks - the thread of the spark plug has snapped off and is still locked into the engine!! WTF? I did unscrew it normally , didn't grab it with anything. I used the rubber in the socket to lift it out!

    I have no way to get this out? Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove this darn thread?
  15. Hi all, want to get this camshaft or the problem identified by a shop and fixed. Does any one have any recommendations on decent bike shops? reasonable price and quality work? I went to Race Replica once and they stung me hard!
  16. oh yeah I am in the East Keilor area. thanks