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wobbly sauce

94' ZXR250

  1. wobbly sauce submitted a new Showcase Item:

    94' ZXR250

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  2. Awesome learner bike! I had one as my first too
  3. Been using my house mates bike('06 CBF250 the one in the pic above) for a while taking it in turns riding arond.

    Of the 4 months we have had the bike we have the Odo reading at 4,800kms(had 1,200kms, 600kms each for the last 2 owners ).. so I was looking to get my own.

    Tried quite a few different bike styles and sizes and the 2 it came down to a new '11 J-Ninja and a '94 ZXR250.

    ZXR250, Has 30,700km now on the clock and still runs like new, maintained well, it is a '94- Aus compliance in '08 plate, I like the older styling it has over the newer type. Stops on a dime.
    Then there is a '11 EX250-J for another $1k, which has about 500km's on the clock and was stand dropped and it scared them to not ride it any more. That I was looking into.

    Now he is thinking to upgrade.


    Darren, is your location right? as we could of passed each other a few times.
  4. Nah I'm not actually on the Island. I just get there as often as I can to hit the track (the address on my profile is actually the circuit!). Although I did live in wonthaggi for a few years which ain't far.

    I reckon the zxr250s are stacks better than any of the lams bikes these days. Twin front disks, usd forks, alloy frame, and best of all a screaming 20,000 rpm 45hp engine! The 18 inch rear is a bit of a pain in the ass for tyre choices. Plenty of guys fit a 17" rim.
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    I meant as in the area of the Island, but I understand.

    That they are, you hear that they might be bringing back the screamers? mainly for the Indonesian market as per tax reasons of higher CC's.
    4-6k putting in town, 8-10k starting to be in the pull range, 14-16k+ is making that feeling you should of shifted 10k rpm ago as it keeps climbing..

    F Dunlop Sportmax GPR-100F, 110/70R17
    R Dunlop Sportmax GPR-200, 140/60R18
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    Going to be off the road for a bit, getting parts.
    Just pulled the rear off giving it a over haul, and looking in the daylight.. to start put an old indicator back in, unbend a little faring support, right side mirror that I finally got fixed up came of when my house mate was adjusting it to his seating position.. so got one already in the postal system and call it a day until.. lets stand the bike and give the chain a going over we said... as it has been through some bad weather this weekend every stop it has gotten a little touch up.

    Some one had put a 40 rear sprocket on it(was wondering why it felt different to others.), and looking at the teeth it is no good.. front was in a worse condition- near on should not of been cleared for RW able, so replacing the lot.

    Going back to stock, 14/48 stock, but shop had a 46 and gold chain that fits at a nice price, just waiting on the front to arrive.

    Getting some more stuff, Rear disk(under spec thickness 3.6-3.7 on some spots, 4mm service limit) and organic pads.