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'93 ZZR250 - Oil/Fuel/Chain/Wash - Green behind the ears

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by doonx, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. #1 - no mechanical experience
    #2 - I have read the other threads in here about oil and fuel - but they didn't match my situation so I'm asking again.
    #3 - Try to dumb your responses down a little (see #1)

    This is my first bike, it's been taken care of and is a sweet sweet ride. I know the previous owner and he was fairly conservative and fastidious about the mechanical condition of the bike, although I doubt he was mechanically minded. I want to do my best to keep it in the condition that it's currently in. It has 21,000 on the clock and I have the receipts from it's 18,000km major service. I plan to commute from Mulgrave to Hawthorn most days on it, plus weekend rides and some long hauls (to Mt Hotham and Dinner Plain) about 4-6 times per year.

    Heres a couple of pics:

    The Owners Manual says to use the following motor oil :

    Grade : SE, SF or SG class
    Viscosity : SAE 10W40, 10W50, 20W40, or 20W50

    What does the SE, SF and SG stand for ?
    Out of those 3, what is the highest and lowest grade ?

    Out of the choices given, can someone please put them in order of viscosity from most to least viscous.
    Whats best for my bike (and if possible, why) ?

    I went to get some oil today just to have some at home to top up with and thought i'd be better to get one o fthe top brands such as Mobile 1 or Castrol Magnatec etc. Mobile 1 was 5W40 and this confused me, so I didn't buy anything. I have seen in other threads people say that the Synthetic Oils are not necessarily the best to buy.

    What would be my most sensible choice ?

    I thought that the bike would perform better, get better mileage and be thankful in the long run if I run Premium Unleaded (98 RON or better).
    Is this true for my bike ?
    If not what is the best fuel for me to use taking into account the above advice on oil ?

    Chain Oil
    K-Mart (up the road and open on a Sunday) didn't have any. The chain and both sprockets are only 2,000km old.
    What's the best chain to get and where is it commonly available?
    Should I give the chain a squirt every ride or only every so often ?

    I washed the bike today, the rear wheel had an inordinate amount of road grime and grease build up on it. I wanted to clean it so I bought a degreaser and sprayed the rim and some other parts on the bike that were grime affected. It cleaned up pretty well. I am aware that it's not great to go spraying degreaser all over the place for fear of affecting parts that require grease or oil to function properly.

    In that case, what parts should I definitely NOT spray degreaser anywhere near?
    What parts should I ensure receive a squirt of oil or grease after I have degreased to ensure their safe working order ?

    I used standard turtle wax car wash today, seemed fine. My bike has chrome decals on the fairings.
    Should I use any specific car wash ?
    What polish (if any) can you recommend ?
    Whats best to shine the chrome exhausts ?

    Thank you in advance for your patience and advice :)

  2. Re: '93 ZZR250 - Oil and Fuel

    Oil Grade
    What does the SE, SF and SG stand for ?
    No idea... but i think it is referring to Semi-synthetic, fully synthetic & refined.

    The lower the numbers the less 'thick' the oil is and the faster it will be able to flow through the bike... too thin and you'll end up burning more of it than is considered normal. Depends on the bike but usually the people with ZZR's & GPX's i know use 10w40 oil and dont seem to have any problems.

    Fully synthetic will cost you more and last longer (arguably); whilst semi-synthetic will be cheaper and will last

    If its tuned for unleaded, use unleaded.
    If its tuned for premium, use premium.
    But dont use any petrol from Shell (personal vendetta after 3 batches of bad petrol).

    Chain Oil
    I lube the chain whenever i wash the bike, which is about once a weak.
    Personally i prefer chain wax (paraffin based) but thats just me; i find it flings less.

    I use kero to degrease my rims, and also use kero to degrease the chain.
    Keep degreaser off anything that isnt cosmetic would be the simple rule.

    Standard car polish is fine for bikes.
    As for the chrome decal, i used to use windex for chrome decals... seemed to come up nice and shiny for me.
  3. Re: '93 ZZR250 - Oil and Fuel

    Holy smokes....Doonks...lots of questions....but all good ones...My 2c below....

  4. And Doonks...yeah as Koma says...Kero is also a good degreaser... (but for rims I like WD40)...Chain I use Kero (careful if you have sensitive skin)..

  5. *takes a deep breath*

    -SG is the best, SE is the lowest, any will be perfectly fine.
    -10 is the cold starting viscocity
    -50 is the normal operating temperature viscocity
    -any of those will be perfectly fine on your bike

    -mineral/semi-synth/synthetic will all work fine with your bike

    -in my opinion, a zzr250 will run the same on 10W30 mineral car oil as 5W50 fully synthetic bike oil

    -best choice? up to your $$. none of them will damage your bike. you really have to try them out and see what you like.

    your bike should perform better and get better mielage IF you tune the bike for 98 ron. specifically, you'll need to muck around with your carbies. I would say it's not worth it the $$ on a zzr250 though.

    98 could make your bike run rich/sluggish/not want to start. 96 [e.g. caltex-vortex] can be a good compromise.

    assuming your chain is an O-ring chain, get chain lubricant that is suitable for O-ring chains. you can use engine oil (any will do), although you will have black rims. you will probably prefer something like "chain wax" that doesnt drip everywhere.

    read your bike's user manual about chain care. its something like:
    -check chain slack before every ride (dont make it too tight, it will kill your chain fast!)
    -lubricate every 300 kms (or every full tank of petrol)
    -clean and lubricate at around 1000kms

    avoid getting degreaser on the chain especially, and I would avoid anything painted. fantastic stuff for cleaning the engine though :D I've had no bad experiences using kerosene or degreaser for the rims. make sure you dry/clean/lubricate the chain after you finish washing!

    I'm too lazy to wash my bike :D just kidding.. turtlewax/car wash/etc are fine. you can get some chrome polish from bunnings/autobarn/etc to use on the exhaust.

    hope that helps a bit :p
  6. This is my non tech report for my 98 ZZR250.

    I use Motul SAE 15W50 and 10W40 and they're both fine.

    Motul Road Chain Lube again fine.

    I always use premium. 98 whenever I'm in Sydney and 95 here in Canberra (only reason for 95 is there is no 98 places in canberra :p)
  7. Ultimate98 at any BP Servo.....I've checked them all except Jammo and they all have it....

  8. I used a citrus based degreaser for my chain. How else to you degrease it to then apply fresh chain lube?
  9. I used degreaser on the chain the other day. Took the bike to carlovers and sprayed the chan, sprocket and surrounding area with degreaser. All of the old lube and crap just fell off (covered the ground in black oil and grease so don't do it on your driveway :LOL: ) Sprayed it with the high pressure hose, let it dry then sprayed it with chain lube. Rode home, lubed the chain again and let it sit there overnight.

    It's beautifully clean and lubed now. I wouldn't recomend doing that all the time, but I can't see a problem with degreasing the chain to get all the old lube and crap off it once every say, 4 months.

    Just my 2cents worth.
  10. The problem with the high pressure spray is that you can force water past the O-Rings of the chain - and worse yet into the wheel bearings...be VERY carefull doing this....

    Removing the chain and soaking in Kero and scrubbing with a brush is the best way to clean it....but I can only be stuffed doing that on trail bikes....Cleaning it with kero on the bike is OK with a brush and so on....I usually wipe it over first before lubing on the bike.....

  11. should I get a proper bike stand to do all of the above, or will the centre stand suffice ?
  12. Androo...while in general I agree with all your input...I don't agree with the statement above.....Oil designed for cars and oil designed for motorcycles ARE different....the biggest difference being frition modifiers in car oil....Here is what Mobil have to say about the car and motorcycle versions of Mobil1:


  13. I recommend a damp rag to wipe the bike down between washes. There is no need to degreease and lube the chain every time you take water to the bike. Bikes get dirty in cities very quickly, so a damp rag every couple of weeks will remove grime.
  14. Centre stand....lucky duck....

  15. Hey, why does your bike have a ZZR sticker... AND a ninja sticker :?: 'Scuse my ignorance, but being a ZZR rider myself, I'm just curious since I only have the one set of stickers :( ... Maybe I got jipped at the store :shock: :p
  16. Er - green behind the ears? :shock:
  17. My paintwork and decals are customised Jap Import
  18. my apologies, I meant that in the sense of not getting it all over the chain during the water/soap/general cleaning since it would have more time to soak into the o-rings :)

    is the citrus based degreaser good?
  19. hey jdm,
    thanks for that link. I've only read about friction modifiers but from what I understood, it's mainly clutch slip that is the problem.

    I never had any problems with it on my zzr250, but synthetic oil did help the sloppy gearbox on my yzf. :)

  20. OK I'll put in my 2 cents worth:

    Use the recommended fuel if they say standard ULP use ULP if they say Premium use premium.

    never wash your chain with a pressure cleaner it forces the water and crap thru the o rings and will greatly reduce its life

    never use kero, it is a cutting agent and will also reduce its life, use a mild degreaser on a rag soaked in it and wipe your chain clean, don't overlube your chain, if you can wipe your finger on the chain and it is oily that is enough. On a 250 a quick squirt every 500k's should be enough unless it is raining.

    If your back rim gets covered in chain lube or any part of your bike, don't use degreaser or kero as if this gets on your tyre you are knackered it makes it very slippery, use a car polish on a rag, it will remove the lube and grime and will not damage your rim or paint, and will also not get on your tyre.

    Once you have washed your bike using standard carwash, turtle wash or the like then use some "spray and wipe" on the bugs it does a great job of removing them. after all that give your bike a light squirt with Mr Sheen and it will come up like a million dollars and will not collect dust. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT get it on your seat otherwise it is like riding a greasy pig.