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93 ZX2R Ninja Warm Up

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by presti, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    The car has become un-drivable for the time being, and im using the bike as a daily commuter to both jobs.

    Even tho the mornings aren't that cold anymore, is it neccisary to warm the bike up? What sort of warm up do you reccomend? Just on idle for a few mins, or a gradual rev? I was told not to have the bike on choke for too long as it kills the plugs, is that correct?

    Cheers for your help guys,

  2. yes it's necessary to warm up. it's a carb engine.
    all i do is half choke - starter - small rev once it's started - adjust choke so it sits on about 2000rpm (purely for noise reasons). by the time i have my helmet and gloves on, choke comes off and i start riding.

    it doesn't 'kill' the plugs, just covers them in crap. which comes off if you can be bothered

  3. okayy sounds good.
    generally i chuck all my gear on, only because the bike on choke doesn't just sit there you have to to tinker with it the idle is off, i think the carbs need to be reset.

    So its not like a 3-4 mins warm up kind of thing, its a helmate on, gloves on and then push back and ride away.