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93 Virago rides like its outta fuel on full tank

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Boff, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys/girls rode my new bike for the first time this afternoon rode fine mostly 70 80k's tho got it up to 100k's for about 10 mins then after about 40 mins or so the bike began to ride like it was running out of fuel and when i would stop it would stall and i could not get it started again, so i switched it to reserve then it started rode fine so i switched it back to "on" then after about 5 mins same thing happened so i rode it home on reserve as i was close to home by this time. The tank has plenty of fuel in it so that is not the case. i was riding around with the fuel tap set to "on" not "pri" or "res".
    the bike details are
    1993 yamaha 250 virago
    55,000 k's

    my friend sai it may be a filter in one of the fuel lines or something, but i just wanna see if anyone on here will go "yep know exactly what it is do this and should be fine"

    any info will be greatly appreciated guys/girls


  2. If your tank has crap in it and it blocks fuel getting to the carbs then it will probably act like you are running out of fuel. Ditto if your filters are so full of crap they are blocking fuel.

    Fuel filters are cheap so changing then won't hurt. Give it a try and see what happens.
  3. I'd consider a fuel filter iif there are two fuel lines from the tap. Replace it with one form a m/c store or mower shop. They are cheap and easy to fit. From memory the tap has a vacuum inner diaphragm, which may be getting weak. Replace that or an equivalent from a wreckers.

    Using 'prime' may get you around it until it's fixed but bear in mind that if you turn off/park the bike the fuel runs constantly if left in this position!
  4. could be a kinked fuel line. If it had a service b4 u got it and they werent careful slappin the tank back on they coulda kinked one. seen it b4.
  5. Can someone tell me wtf Pri is for?

    My bike has ON, Pri and Res
    I never use Pri. What does that even do?
  6. Pri stands for prime. PRI is for priming the carburetor. That means filling the carburetor up with gas if it is say the first time it's ever been ridden or the gas was drained out for some reason.

    Leaving the petcock on Pri could possibly flood your carburetor.
  7. Thanks for the advice people, a friend came round and i helped him pull down the fuel lines, as it is sunday could not find somewhere open to get some new filters so have to wait till tomorrow, but the inline filter was pretty clogged and when we took down the twin valve that is directly attaxhed to the tank there was only one filter in one line and nothing but a shit load of crud, rust, and just skanky shit in the main "ON" line so we cleaned that out and gave the tap section a bit of a clean as well. we thought since we had all the lines off we may as well flush the tank so got alot of crap out of there including what looked like about half a cubic centimeter of dirty water.

    So basically the lines we fairly dirty i did run out of fuel the other day when i first rode it so i am guessing that did not help but does anyone know if there should be two of those stick like filters that go into the twin valve that is attached directly to the tank? as there was only one when we pulled it down and it looks as tho the hole that the end of the filter goes in is different sizes? im thinking ill take it ino the bike shop for some advice if you guys are not certain one way or the other.

    ill post again onceit is back on the road to see if that has fixed the problem.

    thanks again people.
  8. Not sure what filters should be in your tank, but an aftermarket inline filter would be a good investment. 'on' and 'reserve' positions are self explanatory and both only supply fuel if the engine is running as the fuel tap needs engine vacuum to turn itself on.
    The 'prime' position will allow fuel to flow into the carburettors even if the engine is not running and this is used to start the bike if the carburettors have been emptied (during servicing or after totally running out of fuel).
    Using 'prime' can get you home if the vacuum tap fails, so is worth trying if there is fuel in the tank but it feels like you've run out.
    Always leaving the tap set to 'prime' is not a good idea as it can cause the carbies to flood with fuel if the needles/seats are in bad condition.