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93 NSR250 MC21 Help Required In Brissy Please

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by IceDHB, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Hi all as the topic suggests i'm in need of advice in getting my nsr back in a roadworthy condition as i thought it would be a saving in costs for me to travel to work on.

    I have been given this 93 mc21 not shure which exact model and its in need of a lot of TLC.
    It was working fine so i thought until my cousin took it for a spin and it came back coughing and sputtering like a pig, he did say it would go over 9k's in the rev range. On closer inspection i found the power valve cables all cut ,,,,,,,,,Uhhhhhmmmm looking bad but i'll carry on anyway , further inspection leads me to believe it has a different PGM unit because there is writing on this one as you would get from the wreckers.

    So im after someone on the southside of brissy who could advise me in what real dollar terms it would cost to get this relatively good looking bike a roadworthy condition to be used as a work horse every day to and from work. travelling on highway around 80k round trip.

    I believe i have the basis of what is a decent bike but due to previous owners efforts at trying to mod the bike has probably succeded in going in a backward direction.

    i'm not after super performance just some reliablity as i don't want to be stuck on the gateway pushing a bike after a hard days work.

    Any advice would be great people and thankyou for your time in viewing my post.
    regards Dan.
  2. A replacement PGM will set you back $300 to $400 I got one a while back from Brisbane Bike wreckers at Woolongabba. The correct PGM has PGM III cast into the top of it.

    I'd suggest you drop the pipes and clean the power valves before you do anything. Its possible they're coked up and jammed which is why some numpty has decided to cut the cables. How mechanically minded are you?

    Wouldnt suggest this bike would be any good for a work horse day to day back and forwards to work. They dont like being stuck in traffic and performance and reliability suffer as a result.

    PS If you're in need of a set of power valve cables give me a yell I have a set in the shed that are in good condition.
  3. yes id be interested in the cables , also looks like im gonna have to get whatever the cables have been connected too as well , as for the PGM unit it has the III on it as well so maybe i'm a bit lucky there, i'll be cruise around 100kph when i go to work as i start early in the morning so traffic isn't much of a problem.
  4. There's four cables that run from the power valves up to the servo motor. What you need to do is to see if the PGM and servo motor are working first.

    Best way to do this is to take the tank off and you'll see the servo motor on the left and just in front of the front cross member. Then follow the RC valve adjustment steps to see if the servo cycles at all


    Check out the rest of this site for other information that will come in handy (theres also a forum) and this site is also pretty useful too.


    Avoid taking the bike to a mechanic before you have a decent diagnosis on the problems otherwise there's a high likelyhood you'll get screwed.