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93,000 km and I'm finally off the GS500F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ginji, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Huzzuh for me, moved to a shiney VFR800, picked it up with under 4,000km on the clock :)



    (And yes, I've really done a geniune 93,000km in 4 1/2 years on the GS500F :tantrum: who wants it?)
  2. Just do another 11,000km so the odometer spins back round to 4000km, give it a really good detail and say it's been garaged all of it's life. 8-[

    The VFR looks absolutely tops. Fantastic. I'm jelous.
  3. Veefour madness! Wheeee! :tantrum:


    That's a pretty anniversary edition - 4,000km is nothing, these bikes aren't run in until you are getting close to 20,000! Also, if it still has the factory rubber you will want to get that replaced (the stockers are shockers), and while you are at it, powdercoat the wheels white - it looks great on the anni eds!
  4. good effort mate, nice new bike
  5. I'll give yer $500 for the GS.
  6. Ergh, white wheels are a pain to keep clean, mine are staying black :p

    Will keep the factory rubber for now, I do a fair amount of highway k's, so might as well wear out the middle
  7. Hahaha, no; it's worth more than that still, and I'd get more if I parted it! Engine has ~50,000 km on it and is still going strong, and I'm going to rebuild the suspension before I sell it (which is why I haven't advertised it yet)
  8. looks nice there :)

    ill go a bit better n offer $800 :p
  9. Nice looking bike (both of them). I lean a little more to the red cos they go faster ;)
  10. Very Flippin Reliable, great bike have fun.
  11. So you didn’t consider just keeping it for a 7 thousand more just to round out the numbers?
  12. Wow those GS 500 are a hardy machine. I have one and I find it pretty user friendly even for long rides.