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92 gsxr 400 tell me what you think

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chickibabe, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Hi there everyone, I'm looking at a 92 gsxr 400 as my upgrade for when I get my P's, it's for sale $1500, only 2 weeks rego which does not bother me as I don't have P's yet. The fairing does need fixing, but I'm going to do a air brush job on it, and a new back shock, so you could say it will be my project bike until P's. can any of you give me your say on it. And is there any way that handle bars can be lifted on these bikes?

    Cheers guys'

    I'm a :angel: , so I keep telling myself
  2. pm me some pic's

    what were they askin ?

    also are you looking for a bike on the lams list ?
  3. Hi Chickbabe, I had one of these for a while.

    I didn't find it too bad, the main thing for me was that it was a bit on the heavy side for a vertically challenged person :?

    At the time I thought it was great, but my tastes/needs have changed over the years and I made the switch from sports to nakeds.

    Get someone in the know to check it over for you and good luck with your upgrade.
  4. Dante I've got no pic's sorry. the bike is a rwo the fairing is broken needs to be welded I think hubby said. They were asking $1799 but made a offer of $1500 because of only 2 weeks rego and they said yes But I have not decieded yet just wanted to get some thoughts on it first. When I get my P's I'm unrestricted, and I'm finding all 600cc are to heavy for me. Or the other option is just wait as I really like the gs500f. But I'll be waiting a while before I can bye that one.
    Cheers Lou
  5. cruisingal
    You have my bike FORSALE GS500 but is it the f or naked? And can you tell me how much?
    Cheers Lou
  6. for the gsxr take a look at the chain and sprocket
    check the chain tension

    not sure what the sign will be but 2nd gear could be worn

    could the gsxr possibly been used as a thrash about stunting bike or track bike maybe.
  7. Easy to find- testride. If it slips out of gear, or is hard to engage there's an obvious problem.

    Looking at chain and sprocket is a natural for any bike, but not a biggie as they are disposables. That price is really good. Failing any major mechanical trauma, you can't go wrong.
    Factor the cost of fairing repairs into purchase. If it just needs wielding, it'll be nix.

    If you're looking to ride it on your P's, keep in mind that its not learner legal anywhere.
    Edit: Sorry, I just read your post closer, and noticed where you said you'll be unrestricted once on your P's. I say go for it. 400cc sports bikes are really undervalued in Aus, cause they're not L's Legal like the 250's, or super-hot like the 600's. They'd have to be the best bargain in the Aus market. A 250 or a 600 in the same condition would go for at least a grand more.
    Watch for ex-track bikes. The 400cc race leagues are booming (cause they're cheap)
  8. That's an excellent price for a 92 model, so much so that I'd be a little suspicious. Parts are hard to come by for for the smaller gsxr's, there's not many in the country, and are the rarest of the 400's in Aus.

    The 92 onwards models were by far the best, there was even a limited SP model with adjustable everything.

    Most track gsxr400's sell for around $4.5k, you have to wonder why the seller isn't flogging it off as this if it only has cosmetic damage.

    The best thing you could do is take someone along who knows what to look for, such as frame, subframe straightness, signs of racing, etc. It it's a rwo then it has most likely been crashed, so check carefully for further damage.

    This site will help you out with specific technical questions:
  9. Though it sounds like you have found thebike you want, dont rule out the 600's. I'm only 5'2 had the bike lowered & seat redone. Now Im so much more comfortable on it, the weight you will get use to. Takes time.
  10. We know the guy well that is selling it, it is were we get all our parts from. The bike was knocked over buy a ute and pushed along the road. I don't know about chain , but it has new clutch and brakes. And it think it might be the sp model because everything is adjustable. Motor is in perfect condition. And he is willing to put rego on it for a little extra. Hubby said go for it and he will ride it until I get unrestricted and when I ride it and if I don't like it we will sell it. As I said there is only faring demage and a need a new back shock.

    Cheers Lou
  11. PM sent Chick!
  12. AThanks guy's and gals for the advise, well I've decided not to buy this bike as I was finding it hard to find parts. So I'll just keep saving for my gs500f. :grin: But thanks again to all.

    Cheers Lou