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91 spada 250 speedo help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jazzthechef, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. i have a 91 spada vt250 and the odometer doesnt tick over and today the speedo started picking up speed reeeaaaalll slow. so i would like to replace it and was wondering how to go about it and cost of parts. does it have to be from a 91 model or will another year do. Also what rating of engine oil should i use? And is there any good parts shops/ wreckers that could help me out. Im in melbourne Thanks

  2. Hey mate, I am no expert on the vt 250 but your problem sounds like a stuffed speedo cable, i am pretty sure that your speedo itself is fine. You can get the speedo cables at most Honda dealers or ebay. I use 10W-30 but it depends on your climate, since you are in Melbourne i reckon both 10W-30 and 10W-40 will do. There is a big honda wrecker in heidelberg but i forgot the name sorry.
  3. Hey, sorry its actually a Honda dealer, its called Redwing Honda, here is some details:

    72 - 74 Bell St
    VIC, 3084

    (03) 9459 5553

    You should have a look in the yellowpages coz i am sure there are some big wreckers around melbourne that will be able to help you out in parts :)

    Regards, Stef
  4. I wouldn't use a 10W30 oil in a VT250. It's fine in NSR150 2-Stroke transmissions however.

    They love 15W50 as it really helps their weak plain bearing cranks to survive.

    10W40 is the Honda global spec. for your engine.
  5. It's probably the cable but if it is the speedo - good luck...

    Firstly when bikes are wrecked because of a crash - the main reason for them being wrecked - then the instruments often take the brunt.

    Secondly speedos and tachos on spadas have a particular problem. On the gray import models (most of them) the needles don't react well to the stronger UV light in Australia and often become brittle and eventually snap off. Google motorcycle wreckers melbourne - there's plenty of places. I don't know if the later VTR instruments are compatible with the Spada - someone like Redwing Honda should be able to help there.
  6. thanks heaps for the help i got a new speedo cable. any help on how to go about putting it in?
  7. Should take you all of five minutes.

    Unscrew the speedo cable from the back of the instrument panel (You do not need to remove the instrument panel to do this). A pair of pliers may help convince your old one to move.

    A small bracket holds the speedo cable to the forks to stop it from flapping about. Remove it to remove the old cable. It should just be a single screw.

    At the wheel itself, a single screw holds the old speedo cable in place. Remove it and clean up all the grime that has accumulated over the years. When you remove the cable, you'll notice the end of the cable is a female end. When replacing the cable with a new one, you may need to rotate the male end to line up with your new cable's female end.

    Assembly is disassembly in reverse.
  8. ok i have changed the cable and alas i still have a slow speedo and no working odometer. grr. any ideas?
  9. You'll probably have to source a new one from a wrecker. Ones in good condition are pretty hard to come by (but not impossible) since they're pretty old. I don't live in Melb, so I can't offer you any recommendations as to where to shop, unfortunately.

    You're not supposed to completely disassemble your instrument cluster as this would allow you to wind the odometer back, but if it's not working in the first place, I say screw it and go for it anyway. You'll probably learn a thing or two about how it works in the process.
  10. Try throwing a request into here


    I was surprised at the parts availability for the Spada there seems to be a few bits still around.

    If you can't find Spada instruments at all, you could probably use vtr250 instruments in their place (with a little work), although they are likely to be expensive.

    Or you could ditch the instruments altogether and go digital,


    Although I'm not too sure on the legal aspects ie getting a rwc later on
  11. mmmmm digital.., any idea how difficult it would be to fit one?
  12. Doesn't look all that tough, although I would check the legal situation carefully.....not much point spending all that money and effort on digital instruments if you can't roadworthy the bike at a later point.

    I think it may have already been mentioned, you could also just grab a $10 Aldi push bike computer and use that as a speedo, and leave the existing instruments in place.
  13. ok my new plan is get a digital speedo and somehow mount it on top of the existing cluster. Cause i only found a replacement cluster for $450( is this right? im still learning motorbike part prices) and it seemed a little expensive.. And i noticed my rear brake is a little loose and im not sure on how to go about fixing it, any ideas?
  14. I too am in your boat, I own myself a 89' spada. It came with the old one which had a broken speed dial, and the new one didn't work at all. The kilometres ticked over, the rev limiter worked but the dial stayed on zero k's. I tonight pulled apart the complete mess of a speedo, in which the previous owner has done the most dodgy backyard mechanic job I have ever seen. I noticed with the old speedo the dial was forced to turn by a coil, in which the new one is possibly magnetic? When I put it back together the rev limiter dial broke, which I had no idea why until I read this thread just now. My speedo now works, but is really slow and sticks. I know from riding with friends that 80 kph is around 5 1/2 thousand revs in which the speedo showed me 80 kph at around nine thousand, which is obviously not right. Looking into the digital option, its a shame that no digital speedo's are actually made for a spada let alone a vtr which means it would probably be a bit.. dodgy. Also I was quoted around 250 for a new speedo alone, not the whole cluster.
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  16. yeah the $ isnt an issue just how difficult are they to install??
  17. The included kit seems pretty comprehensive (at that price it should be), I don't see any reason for it being incredibly difficult to install, any competent shop should be able to handle installation for you......that bracket almost looks like it would line up the bolts holding the spada's intruments.

    However, you'll never get the fuel gauge to work :)

  18. Mmmm... Pretty... Looks like something to get when mine eventually dies.