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91 Octane, 95 Octan, 98 Octanne is it really worth it

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gags, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Hi All,
    Just putting forward my experience with the petrol types that i have used. Have always filled up ffrom the same pump and tried all three. I have a 2003 Honda 650 Deaville. I found that the 91 gives me the most fuel economy compared to the 98 octane. Does this mean that only engines with DI benfit from 98 octane.
    Is it really worthwhile for me to spend the money on 98 when 91 seems to do the job fine. The engine was created with 91 octane in mind

    Please put forth your advise


  2. Nooooo. . . . . . not again!
  3. You're just fueling the debate, and re-igniting old arguments, gagan_singh :LOL:
  4. If it's designed for 91 octane and works and 91 octane then what's the problem - use 91 octane. Going to a higher octane rating is really only an advantage if the engine is designed/tuned to make the most of it.
  5. The honda dullsville only is designed for low octane fuel
    You wont get much benefit for higher octane fuels.
  6. who gives a shit about economy, if I'm riding a perfomance bike I'm going to use performance fuel...anway the difference between top and bottom end is only a couple of dollars.

    As one guy put it to me once, "you see all these twits lining up for hours to get save 4c on petrol in their cars, then they'll go and blow 100 bucks on a big night out, or buy some expensive lunch somewhere"
  7. Just as well you do ride a "performance" bike hey :D :p :wink:
  8. Ive actually found I get around 50 k more out of a tank using PUL.
  9. Your bike will run best on whatever it's designed for. If you know that much, there's nothing more to worry about. :)
  10. Here here, Seany.

    You only really need higher octane fuels if you get pinging. But thats my car brain talking. My bike mechanical knowledge is still in its germenation stage.
  11. If you are talking performance fuel, i wouldn't think it would be only a couple of dollars. I think C16 goes for a bit more than $1.10 a liter.
  12. Is there a technical aspect to this as well. Where i can get more info. I mean Octane rating tells you that it will burn quicker (not sure though). But is there any publication that anyone can point me to.
  13. I use nothing but premium fuel... not for performance but because its a much more consistant fuel. With the low grade stuff, it is much easier to get a bad batch, and wierd octane levels.
    Using the better fuel, keeps your engine cleaner and will most likely make for a longer lasting engine. Its just a safety measure I take, knowing of the bad things that have happened to cars. I've gotten plenty of advice from friends that are performance mechanics telling me of how crap and inconsistent unleaded fuel is and how easily the oxygen sensor readings can change to lean with different batches of unleaded fuel.. a lot of times it can be a large margin.
    I'd rather spend a few cents extra on quality fuel, then risk $1000s on having to pull apart a motor. Mobil fuel all the way :)
  14. No, other way around. A higher octane fuel requires a greater activation energy to burn and therefore burns slower inside the engine (which is why higher compression ratios can then be used and why it prevents pre-ignition.) The octane rating refers to the fuels knock-resistance compared to a mix of iso-octane and n-heptane, fuels with an octane rating greater than 100 are possible since iso-octane is not the most knock-resistant fuel available.
  15. Oh and whilst there is no benefit in using a higher octane rating than what the engine was designed for, mag is completely right about variation in octane rating, especially with standard unleaded. Buying premium is a good way to ensure that you are getting at least 91 octane, if you do buy standard stay well away from the "discount" servos.
  16. Phhhttt.....any moron who can solve Shroedingers Wave Equation knows that.
  17. lol damned quantum physics
  18. :LOL: I could have said "a mix of isobutyltrimethylpentane and perdeuteroheptane", if that makes things any easier for you. :D
  19. Not really, but I'm working on it...(reaches for Fodor's Martian phrasebook)
  20. Everybody seems adament that using a higher octane fuel has no benefits.

    What about Fuel injected bikes with closed loop ignition systems?