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'91 Mc22, Could This Possibly Be Repaired?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by btpalmer, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Wasn't sure if this is the correct location to post, so if the mods could move it if it isn't that'd be great [​IMG]

    Basically, I've had my licence for a matter of months and long story short I've managed to get in a crash where (luckily) my bike ended up much worse than I did. It's been a huge wake up call to say the least.

    It's been a couple of weeks after the accident now and I'm just wondering what are the chances of repairing this bike? My friend who seems to be quite bike savvy has the simple reply 'Dude, bikes fcuked'. But honestly I can't see EXTENSIVE damage, although, there definately is some damage aha. Any of your opinions would help, I'm taking it to a mechanic next week which raises the question, anyone know any good mechanics in the Sydney Region? Im located in the North West.

    MC22 ENGINE http://imageshack.us/g/1/9843569/

    Cheers [​IMG]

  2. no chance people can really say anything without more details....have you checked the fork alignment is the frame straight? you could by all means pick up a motor out of a bike that's being scrapped but it's a big risk if your not positive about the rest of the bike being upto scratch - what exactly happened in this crash of yours? do you have pictures of the whole bike we could see?
  3. Welcome ;)

    Bugger. Hope you came out of it okay. I'm guessing your not insured, otherwise it would have probably been written off.

    Anything can be repaired, but not everything is worth it. The engine case is broken and bent in several places around the starter cover that I can see. While missing material can be replaced by welding, the mounting holes redrilled and the mating surface milled flat, its not simple or cheap.

    I'm no expert, but realistically the engine case at least is fcuked. Add to that fairings and straightening the frame (if it hit that hard its is almost certainly bent) , and the fact that you want a mechanic to do it - I suspect your friend is on the money.

    On the other hand, if you ask the mechanics for a list of what to fix, buy a manual, try and pick up a second hand motor and other parts you need on ebay, take it slowly and repair it yourself, you might just get it back on the road. Still won't be cheap.
  4. The sub-frame is bent - not by far. But my friend claims that he used to bend his sub-frame back after every accident he had on his motor cross bike. All other damage is superficial eg. Brake and Clutch levers are gone, couple of scratches here and there, front fender was cracked. That is no problem though as I can get brand new fairings for $400 and brake/clutch levers from the wreckers. My main concern is the engine and whether or not its worth it to either

    A. Sell the bike to the wreckers (500-1250) And just save and buy another bike (Spada 250's - relatively cheap)
    B. Attempt to repair it on my own (a lot of time and fair amount of $)
    C. Get a mechanic to repair it (With its cost, may aswell just sell it to the wreckers and get a cheaper bike)
    D. Part it out which I CBF to do.

    I removed all of the fairings from the bike so now the bike is just sitting in all of its wisdom (looks kinda cool, heh :p)
  5. You'd be lucky to get $500 for it at the wreckers.
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  6. @87crisis - The only visible damage is on the side of the engine casing - which cracked, and the pictures tell the rest of the story. I low sided it and the bike bounced around on the engine casing side and then when I went to pick it up, oil all over the floor, radiator fluid everywhere etc.
  7. That's my dilemma, whether or not I should repair her or just &@%# her off to the wreckers. (which would be so god damn annoying!!!)
  8. OK so I'm hearing that you've damaged the engine, both sides at the front (both levers gone...) and also bent the subframe.
    I'd say she's fcuked.
  9. it will be interesting too know what the mech says, and i think your decision will have to be based
    on what he/she recommends.
    if a new cover gets the engine going well ya lucky , i cant comment myself its not my expertise,
    but a possibility is a good quality silicone and a new cover.

    but heck let the mech decide what actually needs to be done to get it going then you can decide if DIY is an option
    or ride it off a jetty without oil. ( thats gotta be fun )