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91, 95, 98, E10, Ethanol with 91, 95, etc. Sort of Standard Please!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by joetdm, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Had a whinge about this on facebook and it seems I'm not alone here..

    Ok, I hate more rules but I think it's time fuel stations and companies use same color code for different octane fuels! Mistakenly put in a few liters of E10 last night as the signage was somewhat confusing as this stations Ethanol is put in their 95 octane fuel.
    Their 98 octane pumps were not in use so I went for 95 as I normally do then after about 5 liters, noticed the little sticker saying their 95 contains Ethanol Grrrr...

    I think regardless of which company and their marketing bullsh&t, it's time for standard colors on pumps for different fuel types making things easier..

    It's the first time I've noticed Ethanol in 95 and it was a blue color pump where a lot of E10 pumps are green in color... Got caught out.

    With all the different products coming onto the market and the more extensive use of Ethanol, well end up have to carefully read fuel pumps like we do parking signs...lol

  2. You'll be pleased to know that Shell has phased out E10 from most of it's victorian sites :)
    Sooooooooo you won't get caught out there :p
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  3. Who uses Shell anyway?
  4. I use shell for the cage cause it's on the way home from work, and i use flybuys. I've redeemed about $300 over the past 2 years from petrol/shopping purchases.
  5. **** shell
    they tell me remove my helmet
    i go to the local 7/11
  6. Nice move. I've just never really bothered with the whole flybuys thing.

    I've got a Shell just around the corner, I just try to bypass it unless I'm on fumes.
  7. I guess I must be the only one who regularly uses Shell. both my car and bike run well on Shell.
    Recently I filled at Elwood BP and the high octane fuel smelt horrible, like it was full of kero or something. I also filled at a 7/11 and it smelt even worse, the two people who were riding with me commented my exhaust was rancid. My mate filled his 2012 R1 and it started running funny also.
    He questioned the operator who said they used to use Shell fuel but have now changed over to mobil...wont be filling at a 7/11 again!

    BTW I agree, standardised colours should be enforced just like diesel is always black.
  8. Agreed standard labels/colours would make life easier. For some reason i have never really payed attention to the colour and have always looked at the writing on the pump. BP and Caltex servos have the fuel labeled in big white letters which makes it easy.

    I noticed the the united servos here now have 100 octane, (98 with 10% ethanol). I'm not a fan of this E10 stuff bring on the E85 or E100.

    I've only had one bad batch of fuel at shell but i've also had a bad batch from BP, but i know a lot of people don't uses them (Shell) for the higher octane fuel is it still that bad or just reputation?
  9. Yeah but would you have a colour for the Octane Rating and then another for whether it contains Ethanol or not? Can't have 2 colours for the same fuel.
    You could use a different colour for each of them but so many colours might get confusing.
  10. I think green for ethonal would make sense, but it would be a learning curve for some people if they went and changed all the colours :p

  11. I use 95 in my TDM too. Never seen 95 at the major brand sites with ethanol....just curious, what station (brand) did you find this? Regardless, I'll be looking more closely from herein. Thanks for the thread.
  12. Maybe light Green for 91 Octane and darker for 95 then darker again.
    But then, who looks at the colour as you fill up?

    A friend of mine has a web site up - http://alturl.com/h5ozu . Maybe the last main word could be changed to "pump" instead of "manual".
  13. Why not? Standardise the octane rating colours, then use the little disc with maybe a green E10 logo on anything that has ethanol in it.
  14. United servos have a 95 octane ethanol mix, not sure who supplies them.
  15. It was at the United servo cnr of Mornington-Tyabb Rd and Racecourse Rd in Mornington.
    Twilight rides start near there that's why I went there..

  16. And that's the point of it all I'm trying to make...
    Atm it's a bit of a mess and if they start adding Ethanol to 95 and then 98, riders/drivers will start filling their tanks with not the fuel they think they are..
  17. They already have started adding ethanol to 98


    From what i've gathered united servos seems to be the one confusing people, there is only a little green label on the pump stating its E10. Here i can't get fuel at united other then 91 that isn't an ethanol mix, but its probably safe to run in my bike at least (still don't use it)
  18. I doubt the "majors" will but who knows the future.
    I knew United did.
    If anything I'd think the ethanol content of some fuels might go up to meet quotas while retaining a no-ethanol fuel of 95 or maybe 98 Octane. We might see more vehicles able to run on E85 and that become more readily available or we might see something between E10 and E85.
    Of course, the price of non-ethanol fuels will go way up.
  19. Is something wrong with your eyes that you can't read the labels?
  20. Simple....READ the label(s) carefully. If your not sure of the fuel, don't use it.

    Petrol contaminated with ethanol SHOULD NOT be used, period.
    It makes absolutely no sense. The miserly discount off the price no where near compensates for the increased consumption, loss of power or extra damage to the engine and anciliaries.
    Petrol Co's are a business, a very profitable one at that, and as such would not waste space and resources stocking a product nobody uses.
    And before the lone do gooder greenie pops up, I'm sure that with all the money they pay politicians in order to get their own way, something as simple as brushing aside the E-greenie wank that ethanol tainted fuels are would be a simple task for the petro-lobbyists.