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NSW 90kmh speed limit for P platers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ljcoolio, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. I rode Sydney to Canberra and back via Hume highway this weekend as my first out of town long ride on my 'P's. Firstly I think the 90kmh limit is ridiculous. As a new rider I had caravans and v- doubles passing me as if I was standing stil with big backdraft which was sometimes scary as a newbie. Then I tried sticking to the left of my lane to allow other drivers to pass safely without slowing them down and as a result had some cages passing within inches of me. Do others agree that a crash at 90 is going to have a similar outcome for the rider as at 110kmh. Surely at the posted speed a newbie has more control at staying away from nutbags and can practice other skills such as safe passing and control at normal highway speeds. I think we put so much emphasis on slow skills (MOST) but little on faster speed skills which are just as likely to kill you. Vent completed

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  2. What you have experienced is the result of ideology over fact or reality.

    The idea that speed is the killer, when in fact far greater risks are involved with speed differential (as you have observed) over the actual speed travelled over the road, and one (of many) indicators that the government is more concerned about how it can raise revenue than your real safety.

    The 90 limit on P platers is a far greater risk to themselves than matching the speed of other vehicles.
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  3. G'day ljcoolioljcoolio. Yes, from my experience the 90 km/h speed limit for NSW P-plate riders is ridiculous and potentially dangerous.

    As you and ajriderajrider have said, the speed differential is a constant worry when riding on roads with 100 or 110 km/h speed limits. It is frustrating for motorists behind when they cannot pass for extended periods on single-lane roads. I commute along a 30-kilometre stretch of highway with a 110 km/h speed limit and have considered stopping this until I have an unrestricted licence due to the number of tail-gating, unsafe overtaking and other incidents I've had.

    The Victorian rule for provisional licence riders - where you are able to ride at the road's speed limit - is a much better one.
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  4. Even L platers can do 110 (max limit in Vic) where appropriate. The mandated Hi Vis Vest means your much more visible at that speed (sarcasm).

    It would suck to have to go that much slower than the rest of the populace, what a dumbass law.
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  5. Road 'rules' are not based on road 'craft'
    Further compounded when riding a bike.

    You do what you NEED to do.
    A ticket and some demerit points won't get you killed.
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  6. It's even more of a problem here in Tasmania, with P1 motorcylclists restricted to 80 kph, while P1 car drivers are restricted to 90 kph. There's nothing like consistency!
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  7. I was definitely tempted to keep up with the rest of the traffic but didn't want to risk any longer on my restricted license than necessary. It's good to hear others agree with my thoughts thx
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  8. Your own "controlled" safety is paramount.
    If I rode everywhere within the constraints of the Law I'd be creamed.

    Take it or leave it.
    "Law" abiding or "Alive"?
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  9. I can't help but wonder if some of these regulations are deliberately designed to encourage people to break the law. Seems like there's not enough real criminals around that the government wants to create more. Must have something to do with trying to live up to being a nation of convicts...
  10. Its a hard choice, personally I would cut the difference and stick on 100 in the left lane.
    Cameras and stationary highway patrol cars which are the biggest danger won't be able to see your plate until your past them.
    In the unlikely event you get pulled over try to appeal to the officers sympathetic ear that after a few tailgating nutcases it felt like the safest option.

    Like mobile speed cameras hidden at the bottom of hills, tolerances of 1-2km/h and a gestapo like policeforce who have events where they indiscriminately only pullup bikes to write out defects?
    They aren't encouraging people to break they law, they are just changing the laws to make normal people unintentional criminals.
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  11. I recently went on a group ride with one guy who is a motorcycle cop...we were on the m4 and in a 110km zone and he even told me to not do the 90km/h and to go 100km, as its safer, and keeps you relatively in the flow of traffic, (at least when your in the left lane!)
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  12. Good advice esp part 1 thx
  13. fwiw, cameras won't catch you until doing over the speed limit.. they aren't triggered by P plates..
    cops unlikely to pull you up for doing 100 in heavy traffic.

    couldn't you find non-highway roads down to CBR? :D

    my own 2c.. I always thought the 80 or 90km limit for learners (P is still learning) was to dissuade learners from choosing to take highways in heavy traffic (like.. during holidays).
    sure sometimes can't be avoided, but there are always other roads to take that are more fun :)

    L platers being taken by their parents (in cars) on single lane 100-110's during holidays.. why.. WHYYY :D
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  14. I used to commute into North Sydney on my P's and decided early on to stick to the speeds others around you do. Your normal 'highway cop' or speed camera won't pick up your ' speeding ' since you are not going faster than the traffic around you - especially in busy times.

    I was prepared to cop the punishment if caught . Low risk of being caught for much lower risk of being run over.
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  15. Just sit on about 99km/h. No highway cop is going to give you an under 10 speed infringement.
  16. Agree with pretty much everything said above -- you're not going to trigger a camera unless you're over the posted limit, and you may get a sympathetic ear if you're being sensible in the left hand lane of the freeway. One thing that is particularly dangerous on the country / single-lane kind of road is being passed in your own lane by an idiot who refuses to wait for a broken line if you're well over to the left, so consider using all of the lane (as you're entitled to do) and pulling over if there's someone tailgating you right up the trumpet.

    Like oldcorollasoldcorollas said, there may be other routes you can use too -- on the twistier ones you're unlikely to be the slowest vehicle once you have a bit of experience. But having said that, I got stuck behind an L-plater in a car doing 20 km/hr on the Old Pac the other day (the limit is 60) and was ready to do unspeakable things to their supervising driver for permitting it.

    And yes, the 90 km/hr limit is ridiculous.
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  17. If I ever rode the freeway I would take my P plate off and sit on 110 kph. Cops can go fcuk themselves, my life is more important
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  18. As an additional thought, have you checked your speedo? Most read about 10% too high on bikes, so doing 90 may actually be about 80, and make things that much more unreasonable for you.

    I ride with the speedo on 120 in 110 zones, as I know I am only doing 110. I pass almost everything, which sits 5 kms below that speed.
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  19. I got stuck behind unrestricted licence drivers in RNP t
    strap your phone to the tank with GPS speed showing, see how far out it is..
    DigiHUD is good for Android
  20. When I first got my L's I obeyed the 80kmh restriction.

    Until a car passed me so close he nearly clipped my elbow. I woke up to how dangerous that law is and started riding at an appropriate speed for the conditions.
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