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900 Pound Jacket ???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Benlore, Jul 11, 2009.

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  2. Well the materials put into it for starters, don't factor in the exchange rate when comparing though because their tax is far greater than ours.
    Try buying the BMW variant here in oz and see how much it costs.
  3. Maybe it's the weight? :LOL:
  4. It is a cordura jacket with kevlar. There's nothing revolutionary/exceptional/new about that. I can't explain why the price is so high and thought that maybe the government has taxed (tarriffed) it big time but a search on a US site (click here) revealed that they carry a high price tag there as well. I doubt it is as good as the price tag.

    I think that most would agree that Dainese make gear that rates as ok at the very least. Looking at the prices of their jackets from the same store click here, you'll see that the highest priced leather jacket is just a little over half the price of that textile jacket. Would the textile be twice as good? I doubt it. Note that I haven't done any currency conversions because that's pointless. I've compared what you get for your pound.

    On face value and reading the specs provided on the website, its a mystery Zippy.

  5. you forgot to mention it has goretex and other thermal materials as well.
    I said have a look at the cost of similar specced BMW gear not Dainese.
  6. Yeah, I know you wrote BMW but I looked at other stuff from the same store. I left out the thermal materials because both brands of jackets have winter liners. My point is that leather jackets are typically regarded as being better than the alternative and Dainese is generally regarded as a brand which puts out good products so am perplexed as to why the jacket the OP posted a link to costs 2+ times more than a leather Dainese jacket. I doubt the product is twice as good and still can't see why the price is twice as much.

    If you want to run the argument to compare similar products then why not throw into the mix what A*, DriRider, Dainese, BMW (take your pick at whoever else) offer in their non-leather range.

    For the most part, anything with a BMW badge has a markup. I can't comment on BMW bikes (they're probably better engineered so would justifiably cost more due to that) but I think that its highly likely their jackets carry a premium due to the badge moreso than the quality of the jacket.
  7. Dainese are also a brand named jacket.

    I agree that the jacket mentioned looked way overpriced but the specs are very good and I know what I'd like to be wearing in Winter in England.
  8. Yes, Dainese is a brand name jacket that seems to carry a premium as well. I don't know if they're any better than the RST, Shift, Icon etc jackets but most bikers would say that their gear is likely to do a good job in an off. I don't know if it is any better (or worse but you'd hope not) by how much more it costs.

    So its thermal qualities (the jacket in the OP) are very good? If so, that's an answer I was looking for - something that sets it apart to try and justify the price.
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  10. A mate spent nearly a grand on a similar BMW-branded jacket here.....
  11. I know a few people who have bmw clothing and it is miles ahead of the other textile gear.
    Yes it is the brand but you also get what you pay for.
  12. it's quite cute seeing him on his 955 Triumph with the schmicko BMW gear on. He loves it....