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900 hornet, your view

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by cotso, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. hi all , whats you views on honda 900 hornets,as iv been offered a great deal. cheers

  2. I had one as a loaner when my bike was being serviced.

    Without doubt,the most soulless,boring bike I ever rode.
  3. Yep agree with blabber they are boring
  4. Big, fat and slow to change direction.
    But comfy, very reliable and resellable. And cheap.
    But like most Honda's they do what they do so well they can be very boring to ride.
  5. You just described my 2nd wife to a T.
  6. Mono like a mofo though.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  7. As already mentioned it does everything well but nothing excellent.

    They are often viewed (as per most of the posts so far) as the Toyota Corolla of the bike world. That can be a good or a bad thing, depending what you what to use it for.

    Plus points:
    An absolute commuting weapon. 19L tank, not too thirsty and cheap to service. Very manoeuvrable in thick peak hour traffic. Another plus point is that they fly under the cops’ “radar” so to speak as they look, well, like the Toyota Corolla of the bike world. Truth is, they can get to naughty speeds pretty quick. Good torque!

    OK for 2 up (need to change the rear suspension) and comfy ergo’s or seating position for touring. 6th gear is also geared for touring or motorway work, sitting just under 4000rpm at 100km/h.

    It has a motor that will take plenty abuse and go for ages. There’s a bike courier that services his bike at my local dealer, that has done over 200K km’s on his Hornet. The last I heard the engine remains unopened and is still going strong. (It is a de-stressed and retuned 1998 Fireblade motor.)

    Also good for weekend fun with your mates.
    I would suggest replacing the stock ridiculous “ape-hanger” handle bar, with Renthal Ultra Lows. It makes a huge difference ergo and handling wise.

    Negative points:
    Suspension is crap. The 2004 front forks onwards are adjustable and pretty decent, especially with aftermarket springs and oil.
    The rear shock, is shocking! It’s a typical Honda generic budget unit that they basically slapped on to roll out the factory door and make the bike “ride-able”.
    If I had to do it over again; I would have bought an Ohlins unit at the start. Now my bike is too devaluated to justify spending that amount of $$ and I am thinking of selling it anyway. I know of a dealer in the States that can have one delivered at your door, set-up for your weight at about half the price of a local (well local as in NZ) agents/dealers (we are talking about NZ$1200). Send me a PM if you want to go this route.
    Going hand in hand with suspension is the hidden backbone frame. It looks like some high school boy’s first metal shop project. Not what you would call rigid when you start “pushing” the bike around corners.
    Corrosion! I don’t know if it’s just my luck of the draw, but the bike isn’t exactly quality coated IMO. Honda quality my arse! Everything started to show signs of rust pretty quick; forks, frame; brackets, tanks seams, etc.

    Just some thoughts:
    The bike can be made to look fairly decent. I have Renthal Ultra Low bars, Aprilia Shiver Mirrors and a custom designed and manufactured tail tidy (designed and sold by me!). I have never bothered with aftermarket exhausts, as from all accounts it makes just about bugger-all difference even with a PCIII and a dyno tune. Apparently not worth the $$, unless you are doing it purely for sound.

    What I like about it, is the timeless looks. It sort of reminds me of the CB’s of the 70’s with the exposed engine and header pipes, the beautifully shaped tank and the big round headlight.
    I wished they had used USD forks for the front instead, as the standard type forks look a bit “fragile” and does not suit the rest of the bike IMO.

    Black is fastest!

    I'd suggest looking at the FZ1N, maybe more expensive, but well worth the build quality, engine character, frame, suspension, etc., relative to the Hornet.

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  8. It's the Aurion of motorcycles.
  9. Fairly easy to drop in some parts from the Fireblade engine though...

    That livens it up.

    I think they are a good looking bike. Not wild, but not dull either, and they have a nice growl with a pipe.
  10. I've got a 2006 mod 900 Hornet. Has Madaz end-cans & the Renthal Ultra-low rise road 'bars (as mentioned above).

    Personally, I think the engine is a bit much. This "Detuned/returned" business of the Hornet's engine compared to it's doner '98 Fireblade returns more upper midrange & less topend. It doesn't feel like less power at all out on the road, I don't know where alot of posters are getting their references from when they say the Hornet's motor is soft. It'll mono or smoke up the rear just like any other of the litre bikes touted as being 'sporty'.
    The engine is smooth & that does come off as 'boring', but some loud pipes, like I have, spice it up.

    The suspension is 'softer' on the Hornet, but as it's a road bike & not strictly a trackbike, this is not a bad thing. It'll wallow at a track day, but as a majority of the riding you'll be doing will be on public roads the suspension is pretty much dialled in for that.You can take this bike onto gravel or B roads without the tentiveness that many on sportsbikes will need.

    Pix of mine:



  11. your first post?

    they're a good looking bike i think and a fair amount of fun if you want it, but if you want something fun - don't buy this bike. there's better on the market.
  12. I think this is an excellent, sensible motorcycle.
  13. Some people who ride Hornets think they are gods gift to motorcycles, i wouldnt buy 1, u might fall in the same category, not a good look
  14. Mods should ride scooters ,not Hornets,or they just look stupid.
  15. Similar to people that wear Crocs everywhere and drive Toyota Corollas.
  16. The engine is beaut, it gives you exactly what you ask for and it lasts forever. Suspension front and rear are good around town but I'd put new springs and oil in them at the least to get them up to hard twisties riding standards. Brakes... Well, for a bike that stoppies so well it could do with better brakes.

    Ergonomically it's pretty much spot on for me, it's a true all-rounder that does just about any kind of riding without giving you much to complain about. It's not the most ferocious or exciting machine in the world, it's one of those bikes that disappears to just let you enjoy the ride. And that's how I like 'em. Not to mention the fact that however naughty the rider, bikes like this seem invisible to cops. I'd have another one anyday.
  17. lol :-w
  18. I have a 07, and it is perfect for me,so i don't care what other people think,
  19. Ha ha ha ha. I always have a hearty chuckle whenever I read or hear people p!ssing and moaning about how "boring" a bike is. Seriously. Every single motorcycle I have ridden has been exciting. Why? Because I know how to twist the throttle, then dive into a corner 10 or 15 km/hr faster than you really should. Instant excitement.