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90 miles straight

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by stu_h, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Australia's 90 mile straight.

    146.6 KM of straight RD.

    Over an hour of straightness, compressed to 2 minutes.

    My pain, your pleasure.

    The road is Here

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  2. Over an hour? What took you so long? :LOL:

    Seems like prime territory for taking a big +1000cc tourer to stretch its legs.

    .....unless of course the cops know that and theres a speed camera halfway along or something.
  3. Because it would be a good thing to say on a public forum....

    "146.6 km done in 55 minutes for an average speed of 150 k/h"

    Because I would never do that.
  4. I'd love to ride that, bit far away from me though lol
  5. There's a sign near the the start of the Nullarbor Plain to the effect that 'Speeds checked by aerial observation.' There are a series of white strips painted on the road every few km, basically to freak people out, I think. Somebody has spray-canned the sign - "PIGS IN SPACE!" Best piece of graffiti I've ever seen.

    LOL - Looking for shot of the sign on google images. Didn't find it - but I did find this. Too funny to just leave.

  6. That road is boring as batshit,

  7. It sure was..
  8. Loved watching the passing of the clouds, that was good.
  9. I think Id go nuts on a straight road for that long.
  10. I'd be constantly wondering if the drivers of on-coming vehicles are awake :eek:
  11. Boring is not the word. It wasn't on that exact piece of road I tried to have a wank as an 18 yo, but it was that kind of road.
  12. so where are the point to point cameras??
    oh that's right, it's not vic......:p
  13. Hahaha - nice rest stop (y)
  14. Or wanking!!! :eek: :eek:
  15. Yeah. Thinking about silly things to do kept me AWAKE !
  16. I use sheep!

    Yep, I like tooting so they run off...
    I am doing a service here and keeping them fit!...:D

    I'd say not many out that way though..
  17. Lots of snakes.

    Not many other vehicles either.
  18. Only stretch of road where drivers nod or wave to each other.

    I got booked along there for 10km over the limit. The cops were nice but seriously. I might kill a shrub.
  19. Booked for 10kph over on an empty, straight freeway in clear conditions and no traffic?

    Maybe not so different from Victoria afterall. ;)
  20. What a bunch of fvcking losers! This entire country has gone to pot. Australian police: ensuring it takes everyone 10 hours to travel 1100 km across one of the straightest roads on the entire fvcking planet. =D>

    How did they catch you ad91on?