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9 weeks and 2 days !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rossc0, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Thats how long its taken since I got back on the bike to be just about wiped out by a P plater! Going straight through a roundabout, I had already entered and was getting on the gas to exit, he came right on from my left without giving way, handful of front brake, big tank slapper, heart rate about 150bpm. Thankfully kept it upright, not sure how mind you. Turned round and went looking for the little pr1ck, which is most unlike me, but couldn't find him!!!

    No harm done, just a vent :evil:

  2. Can't stand people who don't look when on the road more so in a vehicle that can kill people *sigh* Great to hear you kept it upright :grin:
  3. PHEW, is all I can say. Glad to hear that you and that gorgeous yellow beastie are both still in one piece.....
  4. Sounds like a lucky escape. I have a particular hatred for those drivers that don't slow down when approaching roundabouts and couldn't stop for traffic even if they wanted too. Been way too many times I've had to come to a complete stop in the middle of one to avoid going straight into a drivers door (which then makes me vulnerable to cars hitting me from the side/rear). Nothing wrong with venting, at least it doesn't have the repurcussions associated with dragging a driver from their car and beating them to death ;) :LOL:.
  5. well done, panic is sometimes the best way to save a tank slapper :LOL:

    probably better you didnt find the little turd, you may have ended up at the station :cool:
  6. :shock: :shock:

    Friggin' ----------!

    Little c---s like that don't belong on the road. :evil: