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9 types of motorcyclists

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by chillibutton, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. worth a couple of mins....

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  2. But it IS soooo comfortable.
  3. Came across a young lady on a Ninja 300(or 250) last weekend..she was definitely part of the 1st group, now way I could keep up!:wideyed:
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  4. Nailed it.....
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  5. #5 kneedragon, Mar 23, 2016
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    Couple of examples from over the years.
    I got to Cairns in 1980, on a GSX11. It was at the time, winning all the proddy races and the fastest thing on the road. But I'd put Pirrelli MT28 Phantoms on it. There were some very good things about those, but high speed stability wasn't one of them. I came across (Ha! I wish...) a young woman who had a CX500, who rode it like she meant business. So I'd use all that power and catch her on the straights, only to get wasted in the bends, right? No, actually, the other way around. I'd make a few metres on her though each corner, and about 50 at the start of each straight, but then at about $1.65 or so, the front of my bike would start channelling a shopping trolley, an old rattie one... So very gradually I'd be reeled in and overtaken by a very pretty girl on a CX500...

    The other was many many years later, up here in Brisbane. I was riding around on Doug's XT600. He had volunteered to become the run captain / navigator or guide or something, to a group up from Melbourne. They didn't RIDE up, they had an idea they'd make a group booking with the bike transport company, and send about 20 bikes up on the trailer, and go up on the Greyhound and get a good night's sleep. Then they'd ride around for a day and a half (long weekend) and then get on the skinny dog home. So we were to take them to Mt Cootha, and then up and over Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious. Two interesting people in the group, a pair of girls. They were a couple, and quite open about it, wife and wife. One was an extreme glamour, and riding a Cagiva animal of some sort, looked like a praying mantis. She looked like a centre-fold, but rode like a nun. The 'husband' was a far less glamorous sort, but she rode a 600 Triumph sports bike, and she was FAST!! We got over the top of Glorious and started heading down, and then the road opens up, and the corners get faster and the straights get longer... and Muzz Triumph had a gutfull of us old fools and took off. So I took off in pursuit, because, you know, you have to do these things... I was able to stay with her, but only just. It was one of the more memorable and enjoyable blasts I've had. I know this much - they breed some pretty rapid lesbians in Melbourne. I know, I've ridden with one... She had real good taste in women, too...
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  6. Haha.....yep pretty funny.
  7. hahaha #3 LOL I've heard them prattle on
    and # 4 ... I've seen the metal leg :-O
  8. Pretty sure you'd find all 9 of them at Pie in the Sky on a Sunday morning...
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  9. Ohhhh bro!
  10. that's very funny
  11. 10: Newbies that have just gotten their full licence and upgraded from a 250 to a1200CC bohemoth. New matching leathers, boots n helmet. Struggle at the lights or even parking, to manage the weight of the bike.

    11: Cruiser riders. DILLIGAF? No. No u don't. But please move aside so the rest of society can flow past!

    12: 1%ers. Great fellas. No issue at all!

    J/K all. I love all bikes n stereotypes! Hell, I fit at least two of those!
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  12. Fixed
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  13. Which category mid age supersport or naked? These are very common.
  14. here's part two
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  15. Aerostitch, yes... I don't think we get those here. I nominate Belstaff Man...

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  16. lol.... I have chicken strips :-(
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  17. " 11: Cruiser riders. DILLIGAF? No. No u don't. But please move aside so the rest of society can flow past! " Maybe you are following the wrong cruiser riders there are some pretty fast one out there and yes I ride one
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  18. yeah i've seen one or two stay in the mirror longer than most.
  19. Some can be very surprising...

    One of the more interesting bikes I remember from about '80, was a Harley chop, but with some differences. It was a swing arm frame, and it had Koni shocks. It had about 8 inch overs, but they'd been Cerriani road racing forks. It had twin disks, which looked like Harley originals but I think they were cast iron, and it had the same Girling calipers that superbikes and some GP bikes used at the time. It sat a bit higher than a chop usually did... A lot would have depended on the circumstances, but in many informal shoot-outs, that hog would have been entirely up there with things like a Bol d'or or a Z1. Given a rider who knew his stuff (and you'd expect it had one of those) that hog was a damn fast bike.