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899 Panigale

  1. northerner submitted a new showcase item:

    899 Panigale

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  2. Had the pleasure of playing on a friends 899 the other day - amazing machine!! I hope to one day be able to ride one near its limits. Enjoy fella!
  3. Grats, that looks awesome!
  4. lovely...enjoy
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  5. Me likey.....
  6. congratulations!

    please write a review once you have put a few k's on it.

    did you trade in on the triple? hows it compare?

    the clip on's don't look very low are they aftermarket?

    unfortunately I can't ride for another 8 weeks (broken right hand), so i bought a little mx5 to get around in.....can't wait to go riding again, i want torque this time!

    when are you doing your feb track day with BillyO?, might pop down to say hi & check out the new bike
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    Hope the hand heals up quick mate. Track day next Sunday (16th). Can't wait!

    New Ducati Performance rearsets added - such an improvement over the slippery stock pegs.

  8. Looks like Ducati use driven products. Nice rearsets
  9. You would think Ducati would have put better stock pegs on
    Or is this clever marketing?
  10. Just bought one of these. Rocketships. I love it.
  11. how did the track day go on the 899?
  12. Completely pissed down all day. CSS level 2 booked for Good Friday and track day on Easter Monday though. Forecast looking good :)
  13. Are you guys getting test rides? I keep getting asked to buy one, but I refuse to until I test ride it.
  14. Absolute sex on wheels!
  15. As of last weekend[​IMG]
  16. No test ride for me @cazzo@cazzo - mainly because there was no demo bike in Sydney. There surely must be by now though.
  17. Nope, nothing in Melbourne. I guess that' what happens when you have a monopoly. I'm not prepared to take a punt considering I'm keeping the 1098.
  18. Yep, wise decision....

    The monopoly was a MAJOR turn off when I was last looking at bikes.
  19. I contacted Ducati melb - expressed interest in 899 test - never ever heard back - let them have their monopoly
    Now looking at others
    Aprilla tuono v4
    Bmws1000 rr
    Gsxr 1000