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'89 GS500e Long-term Project - Engine options

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Ouicava, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. I'm not planning to do this straight away, but I'm looking through options to decide which way I will go.

    A lot of you will say it's not worth the money for this bike I'm sure, but I want my first bike to be my project bike - my '89 GS500e.

    I am not that interested in keeping it with original specs and will be swapping out parts as I go, as I see fit. One thing I would like to upgrade is the motor, either seeing what I can do to bore this one out a bit, or hopefully, swapping in a different one.

    From what I understand, this motor is 497cc (or there-abouts) and was adapted from the earlier 450cc model. I'm thinking all they did was bore it out to the 497. Can anyone confirm this?

    What is the go with bolting in a different motor? How interchangable are they, and any ideas what is my options for compatible ones?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Pretty much, but I wouldn't be betting my left testicle on parts interchangeability.

    Well, you're highly unlikely to find anything that's a straight bolt in. However, air-cooled Suzukis from the era that your engine originated in have a surprising amount of commonality with regard to mounting dimensions, chain offsets and suchlike, so you might be lucky enough to find something that wouldn't be too hard.

    They're getting long in the tooth now, but the four pot GSX550 lump is an absolutely cracking little motor that will dust the 500 twin any day of the week. The contemporary GSX750 wasn't much bigger physically and would provide usefully more power.

    For something more up to date, I'd be running a tape measure over oil-cooled GSXR and GSXF 750s.

    Or you could go completely off the wall, stick a DR650 donk in and build yourself a supermono.

    Do be aware though, sentimental attachment to a machine is not a particularly strong motivation when a project gets difficult (and they all do, sooner or later :grin: ).

    If it's really what you want to do though, go for it and good luck.
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  4. Thanks a heap guys for your replies, and thanks for the link. This will keep me interested for a while, while I save some cash. Time for some window shopping!

    I think I need to replace the tank first unfortunately.
  5. 1200 bandit head cut in half with oversized pistons :)
    might have to sure up th bottom end thou.