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883 Iron - Girly Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kundelini, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. I havent ridden one yet, but a few comments have been made that they are for chicks. I'm a bloke, 6' 1", 96kgs (all muscle ;-)

    But seriously, I like the cruiser/sportster design, and I think the 883 looks great, but anyone know if it would be a physical fit before I go try one out?

    If not what other similar type of bike might be recommended? Similar price range ($13k).

    Just getting off my P's. Mature age rider (42). Dont need blistering acceleration but grunt in reserve would be nice.


  2. They got a lower seat but I definitely wouldn't call them a girly bike. Go and sit on it :D
  3. I suspect you'll find it a bit small. But then, people willingly ride around on 250 cruisers so what would I know?

    As for the Sportster (any Sportster) being a chick's bike, I think it's worth remembering why the Sporty happened. It was the lightweight hotrod of the range to take on the Brits like the T110, the BSA A10 and the Norton twins, which it did, with variable success, for quite a few years. Don't see any of them labelled "chick's bikes". It outlived them all too.

    Just because too many people go down the forward controls, fatbob tanks and tassels "I-wanted-a-big-twin-but-couldn't-afford-it" route doesn't mean it's somehow the inferior cruiser model of the range.

    I like the looks of the Iron too, but, like I said, It's pretty tichy.
  4. will be too small for you
  5. I vote girly bike. Talk to any pink shirt wearing trendy guy that wants a bike to improve his image further and that's what they tell you they want. They have no license and no nothing about bikes but they know of the iron 883.

    No offense intended it's just what I've noticed. It probably is a decent bike too.
  6. Well, would you call an MX5 a girly car ????
  7. no. I'd call it a Hairdresser's Car.

  8. Funnily enough I saw two girls riding them through st kilda today.

  9. I like the look of them but as others have said they are on the 'small' side for guys our size (I'm almost exactly the same as you - 1" taller and a tiny bit lighter).

    For what its worth, there are other Sportster models that look good and are a bit more accomodating in the size department. The '48 and standard (if there is such a thing) 1200 Sportster are both good examples. Part of it, though, is the HD layout of things - low seat and forward controls feels weird after riding a modern sportsbike.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: Similar kind of bike would be this: http://www.triumph.co.uk/australia/8155_8203.aspx Man that'd be awesome... think they're not that much dearer either. You could also check out the Honda VT750S: http://www.triumph.co.uk/australia/8155_8203.aspx which is a new model and only about 9k rideaway.
  10. This thread is over two hours yet not a single Harley jibe or joke posted.

    Netrider sure has changed from the old days :)
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Then you'll be wanting the fat boy with the matching bandanna and mean scowl. The 883 is for guys who think scooters are cool, but that they are too manly for a vespa.

    There were two videos of a guy who bought an 883. The first one shows him getting paid out after buying it. The second shows him getting paid out and him going to sell it. I can't find it though. Funnily enough, i'm pretty sure the guy was an accountant.
  13. Bigger Iron

    The 883 is a good looking bike... For a harley. I'd go have a sit and a ride. If you like it over everything else, you'll be able to put up with being called a girl. What do those NR clowns know anyway?

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  15. for me, nightrod special or nothing :)
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    That's funny.
    Looks like this.

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  17. Thanks everyone. Very informative, and amusing.

    I will still maintain an open mind and test the 883... being given a hard time has never really dictated my actions. But I appreciate the other suggestions also... the Triumph looks particularly tasty.

  18. naaaah! cant be a chicks bike......look! this bloke can even pick up chicks with it

    then again........maybe its just old chicks

  19. Personally I think its a great looking bike. Doesn't look feminine to me at all! Don't ever buy a bike based on what other people think. You have to go with your own instincts, otherwise you'll never be 100% happy.

    I am 6'1" myself and have found all the Sportsters to be too small except the XR1200. If I were to buy a Harley, that would be the one, but for less money you can get a decent used Yamaha MT01 muscle bike.
  20. Mate, I am pretty confident you will find the 883 to be far too low and way too short for your 6' frame, but if it suits and you like it the buy it.

    They do get called a "girlster" but normally by those wankers that measure manhood by horsepower and beer consumption..