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'88 ZXR250 'fighter [temporary]

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by wentworthmeister, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. I'm sure you were all just dying to see what the baby ninja looks like in streetfighter guise! :LOL:

    Well here it is. My ZXR250 is getting prepped up to be sold, which means a few fairings are getting plastic welded and brackets bent back into shape. The sides have come off and the engine cleaned up, it looks mint now (although the photos are lacking detail). The bike stays like this for a few weeks until i get all my plastics back.

    Since the front indicators were mounted to the top fairing, i picked up some pointy blinkers and made up a couple of makeshift mounts. The wire connectors are joined with electrical tape (the male crimped ends of the new ones are too big for the old female connector). That's about it as far as mods go, the mirrors came off with the fairing and i can't bring myself to put them back on. They ruin the "tough" look. :roll: What's the deal with roadworthy, police and (a lack of) mirrors?

    Anyways, enjoy the (shoddy) pics. :grin: