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86 car pileup

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. http://fox17.trb.com/news/021206-wxmi-pileup,0,5418409.story?coll=wxmi-news-1

    Major Pileup Shuts Down US-31 For Three Hours

    February 12, 2006

    MUSKEGON COUNTY — A massive pileup in Muskegon County after Lake Effect snow brought in white-out conditions. 86 cars were involved and more than two dozen people were injured, none of them seriously.

    It happened around one Sunday afternoon on US-31 between Sherman Blvd. and Laketon Ave. The highway was shut down for about three hours. FOX 17 News at Ten was there to hear the stories from people trapped in the middle of it all.

    They were caught in a mess of metal.

    "I just kept hearing bang, bang bang, it just kept hitting," driver Tom Pitcher told FOX 17 News at Ten.

    Drivers say they were shocked by snow that seemed to come out of nowhere.

    "It was like an instant blizzard."

    "It was just white and then cars were slipping and sliding in front of us and next thing you know we were up against the guard rail and we got hit by a truck and then we just kept getting hit and hit and hit because everyone was hitting that truck," passenger Maria Ripley said.

    Four cars caught on fire and everyone rushed to get out. Laura DeVries helped pull a baby out of one of the car's windows.

    "I don't think I thought about it at all, I just tried to look around and see who needed help," DeVries told FOX 17 News at Ten.

    Help showed up fast. Emergency crews were overwhelmed with no place to stand except on top of cars, as a crowd gathered on the railroad overpass and the hill.

    "This stretch of the road, it's narrow and people get tied up in it," Pitcher said.

    The drivers who got tied up are still in disbelief at how many cars crashed all around them.

    "People were spinning around in front of me and there was nowhere to go," Dave Silberman said. He was amazed and relieved that none of the injuries were fatal or even serious, but it wasn't the same story for his brand new Cadillac.

    "I just bought it and made the first payment on it yesterday, I think it's totaled."

    He managed to stay calm. For others, emotions got the best of them.

    "I was just crying and shaking," Ripley said.

    When the snow started falling again after the accident, they were grateful to walk away from this hill, grateful for the help all around, and-

    "Thank God for car insurance," DeVries said.
  2. people are dumb
  3. amaricans appear to excell at it though..... maybe its a compusory school subject?
  4. For not anticipating a sudden snow storm?

    I remember about 6 months ago just as I was coming around the last corner home. It started hailing. If it happend 10 minutes earlier, it would have been interesting to say the least as I was doing 80 klicks on the freeway.
  5. Driving in the US is scary. I remember doing 120MPH (thats not kilometers, thats miles per hour) and I was being left standing. There was a large SUV up my bum making sure that I didn't slow down. Leave a car sized gap in front of you and it will be filled. They drive too close to each other, too fast and they are too heavy to stop quickly.
  6. exaccery.
  7. think about the positives lol
    there is 86 less cage drivers for bike riders to worry about :p
  8. You must tell us how to do that. I'm sure the Weather Bureau would be interested in your talent as well......
  9. I like those odds :grin:
  10. You'd think with a news crew and all, someone would have gotten a photo.

    Although if it was still snowing it might have looked like this:

  11. blue snow??????

    only in america