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'86 bmw r65

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by coaltrain, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Last weekend I took delivery of my new (old) ride. 1986 BMW R65. A little worn around the edges and will need some fixing up, but the price was right and included RWC/Rego. So far has been a joy to ride. The extra weight compared to the VTR makes you feel so much more grounded and confident in cornering - at slow and fast pace. Nice exhaust note with lovely pops and crackles on the overrun.

    The rear brake is about as useful as trying to stop with your boots - something I'll need to get used to as I used to use my rear brake for the final controlled pull up at lights etc in traffic.

    A few problems (no surprise there at 24 yrs old), looks like a bit of oil seepage at some of the seals in the engine whilst operating (not dripping oil while parked up though) and an unpleasant whine around 4000rpm that will need to be looked into in case it's the portent of something drastic.

    I've been looking for a little while for an older bike, an R65 or a Pantah were my pick, in the end the Bimmer came along at the right time and price and may possibly be easier to live with. The Pantah will have to wait.


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  2. Nice looking bike coaltrain, are you going to convert to a cafe racer?

    If you mind me asking, what did you pay?
  3. That's a clean looking boxer coaltrain, hope you have shitload of fun on it.
  4. Hi mate, nice looking bike... I just sold my old r65, sad day. Re rear brake, mine was like that too but a new drum shoes put things right. Otherwise have you played around with the brake lever adjuster? Gotta love the engine braking from the boxer too! Staintune pipes? Have fun with it!
  5. There's a good chance the rear brake linings are original, in which case they'll be well fossilized by now. New ones won't break the bank and should improve things a bit.

    It shouldn't really be popping on the overrun. Have a look for minor leaks in the pipes. It could be that the Staintune's leaned it off a bit and it needs a tweak of the idle mixture screws.

    Many old engines do seem to sweat oil from various joints and seals. Unless it's actually dripping, my advice would be to leave such ooze points alone, apart from an occasional rub with a rag, until some other mechanical issue requires disassembly, when you can take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

    For any parts you need, I can highly recommend Munich Motorcycles (in Perth but are geared up for mail order). I've always found them extremely knowledgable and helpful and their prices are generally very good. Overall, a 25 yo Beemer should cost you no more to run than an equivalent Jap, with infinitely better spares availability.
  6. wow, absolutely gorgeous bike!
  7. Thank you all for your nice words. I am happy (relieved) that no one has posted any urgent - 'Better get that bike looked at now!' comments. . . yet. . .

    @ boxman, As tempting as that is (I love the look of Cafe Racers), I think I'll work towards cleaning the bike up in original form and look at a set of panniers. I paid sub $4k for it.

    @ nobby, Thanks, I reckon I will!

    @schteyfi, Yeah I'll need to look into the drum brake issue. Not sure if they are Staintunes, where I picked up the bike another R65 had just come in (paralever), they told me the pipes on it were staintunes and they seemed to flare more. My bike is quite loud.

    @PatB, I'll drop the bike off to the mechanic in the next couple weeks to give it a good once over - hopefully he'll pick anything major that needs doing or adjusting to get things running sweet. I had a feeling the oil wasn't too big a concern I've been monitoring oil consumption too, all seems ok. We've used Munich MC before (wife has a 2000 F650GS) and I agree with you - they were friendly and helpful.

    @lowercase, Thanks lc - I think so too!

    And now begins the journey of 'old bike' ownership.

  8. I don't think that they are Staintune, although they did make some different shapes. The R65 is a delightful bike and feels beautifully balanced. I bought my 83 R6 LS with the intention of eventually doing it up but that would mean taking it off the road (and I enjoy it too much).

    Rear brake is quite fixable. even just deglazing the drums and pads a little yourself may improve it - getting it properly done will make a big difference.

    My LS (it's the one pictured in Ian Falloon's book on the BMW Twins)

    It has Overland exhausts (made in Warrnambool and still available) and Koni shocks (still available from Ikon)

  9. wow mate, looks great, I would like to get an R65 for R80 myself so I can save my zx14 for the weekends

  10. Did you get the original Tweed jacket and BMW pipe that came with the bike?
  11. Looks good.

    +1 to PatB's remarks about popping on overrun. It shouldn't.

    Pipes look to be the same shape as my Stainturnes. But shouldn't be hard to tell as if they are it should be stamped on them.