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85 Year Old riding around Oz !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GregH, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. was approached by a guy at the motogp who had started a company to help an 85 year old rider get a last big ride in before cancer got the better of him. Thought it was sketch so checked out the site. turns out its legit. amazing. I hope i got balls the size of this guy when I'm his age. Go to www.cavalryofone.com and look a his itinerary. Theres one day that he does 700+. I can't even manage 500.

  2. Speechless is what I am, upon reading this. I cannot even fathom mustering an appropriate amount of words to show my RESPECT at this true gentlemans determination.
    As a 37yr old, I did Sydney-Melbourne in one day (~900km..and was wrecked on completion) but 700+ (which could easily mean the same amount, if not more) for an 85yr old legend ?
    I am lost for words !
    May this gentleman be praised and remembered for his amazing feats !
    Inspirational post GregH..well done mate.
  3. this has been posted before
  4. Oldest Blackbird rider is in USA, 84 years old,
    I met a bloke skiing up at Mt Buller. 84 years old, I knew he was old because he had a free ski tag on, you get them when you turn 70, Asking him how long he had been skiing, he said he started when he was 64, and he can ski, fast. Blackruns,
    Just because you age, doesnt mean you have to old and slow,
    If you dont use it, you lose it,
    I rock and roll, (rockabilly). people cant believe it when I say I am 62,
    I ride a Blackbird, and I am not slow,
    I ski downhill, upper intermediate,
    Melbourne to Brisbane takes 17 hours, straight through, up the guts, Dubbo.
    Its all in the mind, You think you are old, you are old,
    Mentally I am 12,
    Physically, I am 25.
    Age, 62 and loving it,
    I refuse to grow old, Aged, Yes, Old, No,
  5. I've already got my Cavalry of One T-Shirt, but I encourage people to support Doug.
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  7. Top post mate, this is the mentality I have tried to live my life by. Life is too short to grow old gracefully :beer:
  8. 70's and 80's is the new middle age ;)
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