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85' XL won't start when hot.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by SamH, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. As the topic says, my 85' Honda XL 250 won't start for anything when it get's hot.
    The bike runs realy well, starts first kick from cold, idles as it should. It's all good untill I stall on some gravel switchback in the middle of no where. Then it takes 10 minutes of cooling off/frustrated booting/roll starting to get going again. Even roll starting on a hill can be touch and go sometimes.

    Once it's running again it's business as usuall, goes like a charm.
    Very annoying, does anyone with more mechanical know how that me have any ideas?


  2. My boat used to do that because the water pump impeller was rooted and it wasn't being cooled properly. I have no idea if we are talking about a liquid or air cooled bike here, but if it's liquid I'd be looking at cooling system. Radiator and block need to be cleaned from time to time and hoses should be replaced as well. Add new coolant and see if the problems fixed. If not might need new pump. :)

    As I said I'm not overly familiar with the bike so if it doesn't apply then disregard, but if the problem only occurs when it's hot then it's likely that something is causing it to get too hot. :)

    If it's air cooled, I dunno. Ride on windy days I spose. :LOL:
  3. Ok, so new information to hand it's an air cooled bike so I've been no help.

    Is it possible that the bike is flooded? If so you should be able to start it by holdong the throttle all the way on and keep it there as you start it. This causes a vacumme that sucks out the excess fuel.

    How does it become that the bike stalls? Could that be in fact the real problem (eg. clogged fuel line) or is it just that you don't get to the clutch in time?
  4. Huh? Oh, no, the stalling is just me and my hack riding but the fact is that I'm going to stall the bike every now and again, it's no good if I can't get it going again.

    There's nothing mechanical making the bike stall, just user error.
  5. http://4strokes.com/tech/

    This site should help you.

    I did read some tips somewhere here or in one of the links.

    It's got to with mixture and plugs.

    If you can't find it specifically, maybe try one plug colder.

    And/or richen the idle mixture up by 1/8 turn