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85 Suzuki DR600 electrics problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Lennyburger, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Got a DR600 the other day, seemed okay but blinkers/horn/dash lights no go. Fiddled with incoming electrics - no voltage to ignition switch. Found burnt wire in stator, repaired and got good stator readings. Regulator/rectifier also meters out okay, diodes appear fine. When disconnected from reg, output from stator is 30v ac across any 3 wires but once connected to the rec/reg it drops to 1.6v ac and the output is only a volt or so DC. Reckon the regulator is cactus? Got rid of a short circuit in the system but didn't come good so anyone have any idea what it could be? Whilst tinkering I lost the headlight power too,which was working, so I think I goofed up and created another problem while at it. Doh!
    Feels good to be back in the circle again, 2 years since having wheels is too long.

  2. Try over here www.advrider.com - under "thumpers" there's also an Aussie section there and a heap of DR riders there as well
  3. I think you have figured it out Reg is stuffed with that sort of voltage lucky your getting any at all ...try an alternative power sorce and see if the lights and stuff work a battery charger with low amps or a 12volt transformer for a battery drill etc should power up the system without causing problems if it all works fine after the reg and nothing before you got it by the hairy ones ..
  4. Update on problem

    Traviss, you're right in your technique. I hooked up a 12v supply and most things came to life. Looks like I'm up for a reg/rec and apparently they're big dollars. Time to start saving again!
  5. Riddle solved

    Problem finally solved without buying any electronics or rec/regulator!! If anyone has a bike that doesn't seem to be charging, try a fully charged battery! As soon as I put a good battery in it, the charger came to life and I got 14V dc out of the regulator. It seems these things require 12v or thereabouts to trigger the regulator into charge mode, otherwise they don't charge at all. Even with "jump starting" the old battery with a good one, the charger wouldn't put out more than 5v, maybe cause the old battery was sucking it all out of the system. I'm so happy it's all going now, and only cost $40 instead of $400+.
  6. it would read very low across the terminals, whilst running, with a buggered battery because a dry or ruined cell will create astronomical resistance.
    which basically means (as you have discovered) the battery is "sucking all the power".
    a buggered reg/rec is more likely to show a high number, like 20something volts.
  7. It's a mid 80s Suzuki. Of course the rec/reg is cactus (or will be sooner or later) :grin: .

    Mate, if anyone's told you it would be $400 to fix, theyre having a lend of you. It's a while since I had to fix a Suzi electrical system, but even taking inflation into account, I reckon you'd be trying pretty hard to spend more than $100.

    Hint: I wouldn't be going anywhere near a Suzuki dealer or, indeed, anything related to motorbikes.
  8. Re: Riddle solved

    You didnt test the battery first .... :shock: well its worked out in the long run but you will remember it next time got electrical problems test battery first then check the reg etc...