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848 test ride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by benjamin78au, Apr 5, 2010.

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    All i can say is wow. Brakes and handling , are great. The bike doesnt seem to want to kill you , more of a come on play a little more. Gas wise, it is like oh i know he wants to oh oh oh he gave it some oh all righty now hang on, and yeah , can see a licence with lots of spare points will be needed.

    Being 5,10 and 90 kilo i not exactly tiny, so here are what I lookign at changing, before i buy it.

    Few things,

    Best bar risers? Like the sporty feel , but any ideas on getting the bars up a little , short arms syndrom.

    Seat, well , comfier then i thought it would be but can it be improved, with out much height differance.

    Possibly lowering the bike a little, ball of foot doesnt inspire confidence when waiting at lights, so lean the bike slightly works. Idealy would like to drop it an inch.

    Soften the suspension a little as it will only be a street bike, and never 2 up as passanger will be nuts to get on.

    test rode the 696 as well, brain says go with that, but heart says the 848 .
    Also took a honda hornet 600 and yeah , love the big twins over the 4cyc.
  2. Re: 848 tet ride

    A mate who is a very big boy has a 1098,I asked him if the sag was set when he bought it,answer is negative and if it wasnt for you who knows where the seat hight should be.An inch is heaps on modern stuff,was mucking around with a race bike this week and it was lowered 3mm at the front with a huge effect to handling,good effect that is,rider wanted 1mm.
  3. Re: 848 tet ride

    I didn't like the 848 when I test rode one (much preferred the 1198s). The 848 for me just took too much effort to turn and then once I got it lent over it just didn't want to hold itself there as I got on the gas. Yes I know the suspension was not set for me. However, it felt like more than just getting the suspension worked (and maybe an ohlins/penske shock) is required.

    If you are interested in the 848 I really suggest looking at the other supersport bikes. $2k on suspension will have one of them set up really well and you will still be in front money wise compared to the 848.

    Just a comment really.

    EDIT: since you are looking to get the bike lowered you might as well look into good aftermarket suspension tuning. Modern aftermarket shocks have ride height adjustability in the shock, saves ****ing around making up linkage plates which can **** the handling and make the bike dangerous.
  4. Re: 848 tet ride

    I am 5'7" and there is no way I would be lowering an 848 if I owned one. Having both balls of your feet on the ground is plenty, even in traffic. I had to lower my Multistrada as it is a very tall bike, and I have short arse syndrome, at 31" (79cm) inside leg. (No, not the middle leg.)

    I absolutely advise against any height change until you have bought the bike and ridden it for a couple of weeks. Just be very careful, and ride it enough to get used to the height before deciding.

    But then, if you are thinking of putting riser bars on the bike, go with your brain and get a 696 instead, or one of the Monsters. (At least you are looking at the right brand. :D) I haven't ridden a 696, just sat on a few, but the seat seems amazingly comfortable compared to my Multistrada. I think I could ride a 696 all day without trouble.

    I'm told that the 848 is a bike that needs a lot of attention on the controls to get the most out of it. If you aren't into leaning forward and tweaking the throttle constantly, it probably isn't the bike for you. It is probably a better track bike than a road bike. Any time I have ridden with guys on an 848 they were definitely ready for a break after an hour, and thought a long ride was a couple of hours.

    You might say that the 848 is highly strung, while a 696 and lots of the Monsters are a more relaxed ride, but still quick and lots of fun.
  5. Re: 848 tet ride

    yeah organising for more test rides, on various other bikes, just from what i sat on , it feels the best, and leaves the biggest grin . Once moving it feels fine, just use to being flat foot on the vtr, so seeing what others have done. It is a sports bike so not expecting an arm chair ride, and usually we ride 45 min and have have a stop before continuing.
  6. I’m definitely no expert, I’ve had 12 bikes in the past since 1986.
    I’ve owned a ’98 model Ducati 748 for 5 years.

    Thing is, the mods you mentioned for the 848 will diminish the original intention Ducati slated for the 848. From the suspension tinkering I did on the 748, I would caution any major changes in ride height (for example: reducing rear ride height by 10mm at the shock) as this would adversely effect the type of handling this sort of bike usually has, like making the front vague or run wide (more than usual).
    Sure heaps of Monsters & Viragos get this type of adjustment made, but they have more laidback geometry which can absorb these sort of updates without throwing you into the trees.
    Ducati make heaps of great bikes, and I can understand your desire for the 848 (or 1098) as this was my motivation for my change from a Honda CBR600Fi to the 748BiPosto. For me, I was doing heaps more track days & big (group) rides into country roads at that time & the cantankerous Italian twin fit the bill. I never really felt the weight on my hands from the 9to5 stop/start as I didn’t commute on it & I didn’t mind the lousy mileage I was getting from the sticky tyres & tracks days I was doing.

    So I would recommend to buy the bike you want to buy, but realize that manufacturers spend heaps on research & development, so getting a bike & making changes to geometry & rider positioning to suit it to a use different to it’s original intention may get unexpected & undesirable results.
  7. An extremely valid comment with regards to lots of modifications, on any sort of bike (y).

  8. or go and see a reputable suspension technican that knows what they are doing to avoid unexpected results. If you drop the front with the rear you can get pretty close to the original geometry but only with less ride height.

    No bike manufacturer sets up the suspension just for you. How could they? Highly recommended that any decent bike you buy you should get the suspension sorted (usually getting it revalved etc rather than just setting rider sag). Everyone is different physically and prefer different handling characteristics. If you go about it the right way there is no harm and you get a much better bike.
  9. jumped on a bike again , and i stressing over nothing, was nervous about test ride, hence up tight.

    deposit is down
  10. deposit down on the 848 ? come over and say g'day at the ducatispot.com forums as well.

    The suspension on the ducati's is typically set pretty hard and I probably would not want to "lower" the bike.

    There are a couple of suspension peeps around that will set the bike up specifically to your weight, and how you ride. If not you could always ask the shop if they can adjust them for you.

    Did you go to Ducati Brisbane or Brisbane Motorcycles?
  11. yeah , have been doing research for a while, and have checked out forums. Went to ducati brissy. 848 dark , with termi kit , should keep me entertained.
  12. The guys at ducati brisbane know their stuff and are good to deal with.

    Congrats on the new ride.

    The ducati owners club of qld have montly rides as well.
  13. Well picked it up yesterday and already put 100km on it today i guessing it be 300 or 400.The black , satin finish is good in pics, but damn great in flesh.

    I was worried about nothing, after the first few km you seem to fit in to groove.

    now to find a good tank protector for the back and side of tanks?

    termis and guards get fitted at after first 1000km, of intial run in .

    while sticking under 5000 rpm , it still feels better then every bike i been on and the grin keeps coming.
  14. Congrats on the 848. How many k's are you getting to a tank?