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848 headlight on an FZ6N

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by boars, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. I've loved the look of naked bikes for a while now and recently had my missus suggest I start riding again - with all these stupid public transport ticket price hikes... so before she could think better of it, I ran out and bought myself an FZ6N ... the only thing that I disliked about the FZ6N (aside from the terrible mirrors that is) is the headlight.

    I love dual headlights for some unknown reason... and my all time favourite dual light would be the 848 etc.

    I'm looking at going down two paths... both of which mean I put an 848 light on the front... one with a trimmed down fairing... and one without.

    I was just after some feedback really as to which you thought looks better - feel free to hate both :nopity:


    Note the second will be painted to match, at present the plastic is clear... alternatively I'd get the EVO version instead since that is actually black plastic rather than clear.

    The plus of having the faired version is I can make use of those funky combined duke mirrors with indicators... altho there are other versions which can mount on my bars I guess.

    Anyway, I'm in two minds... altho I think I'm leaning more towards the full naked light setup.


  2. Both look good!
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  3. Call me crazy, but why don't you just sell the FZ for an 848? There are a fair few floating around second hand now days.
  4. A fair question... I get a lot of queries from people at work somewhat like that. Firstly, there are/were no naked 848's in existence. There's that new naked thing... which to me, has, once again, a horrid headlight. Secondly I don't want to pay the Ducati premium :) Was much more affordable to go with the FZ in terms of purchase, insurance, etc... at least I believe so - I may be sadly mistaken :)

    I like the core components of the FZ6, there's just elements I don't particularly agree with. I mean look at the rear sets? They look like dogs balls, there's bugger all silver on the bike and yet they decide to make the rearsets stand out ridiculously... powder coated black, they'd look much sexier (in my opinion of course).

    There is no bike out there that is available that I would consider perfect. I enjoy tweaking, making minor changes and such. It's kind of part of the fun really... making the bike truely mine by personalizing it.

    A lot of people can jump on a bike and love everything about it... power to them. I could spend far more money and buy a Ducati 848... but I feel they are simply too powerful for the kind of riding I do regularly... that and I'd find myself at speeds I shouldn't be doing too easily.

    I do get tired of people telling me I bought the wrong bike tho - no offense intended to you of course. Just have some mates who harp on and on about how when they had a vehicle, they didn't modify it blah blah. It's like ex bikers getting on your back. Old bloke comes up to you and goes "you shouldn't ride it's dangerous" ... rants at you for 20 minutes about how you shouldn't be doing it but then goes on about back in his day when he was riding... ugh. haha! ](*,)

    Woops, looks like I am turning into that old man ranting now... 8-[

    Still, it is a fair question... but there's no one factor to it I guess. Mostly I enjoy having something a little different... and trying to improve on what was provided.

    You're not as indecisive as me are you? It's a curse ;)

    Short of having two headlight mounting sets and changing it periodically... hahah... I'm no closer to making a decision. :|
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    First one reminds of the black dragon in "How to train your dragon".
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    Not having seen that movie... I'm not sure that is a good or a bad thing :-s

  7. first one looks sexy..........maybe a small screen would look better, maybe not.
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  8. I reckon the second one ... actually the first one ... no no the second one ... the second one
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  9. I like the second better, the first one kinda reminds me of this:


    But if you like it thats the main thing. Atleast it's something different (y)
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  10. haha Donny darko... I do seem to like the look of demonic things with shit eating grins...
  11. Nice Faz you've got there Boars, and even nicer once you've done the headlight!
    I like the naked look better myself (bought an FZ6S and "modded" it to an FZ6N) plus I think with the fairing it makes the bike to wide at the front.
    Maybe naked with a small screen will give you the best of both worlds?
    Have a look on the FZ6 forums, plenty of modded Fazers and lots of tips there!
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  12. haha just noticed your avatar.... maybe the first one is the go then.
  13. Thanks mate, yeah I'm already a member there. No one has an 848 light on there yet, as far as I could see. which gave me a little more push in that direction. I got some mivv suono's for the exact same reason. Nothing more popular than Two Brothers exhausts on them!

    There's a few really helpful members on the FZ6 forums, I've been bombarded with messages from a couple :D Makes life much easier when you're not an expert in the area.

    Definitely leaning toward the naked one more and more. Just ordered a set of bar mountable integrated mirrors, not exactly quality ones but they'll have to do till I can find something built a little better. Who knows ebay quality might surprise me for once... most likely not tho.

    On the plus side, I can sell the fairing / fairing stay / mirrors and get some money back... and put it into suspension/rearsets/swing arm plans.
  14. I think the first picture looks too much like what it would be, which is an 848 nose on an FZ6. The different styling elements clash somewhat (but that can sometimes be the whole point).

    The nakeder setup seems more distinctive (a plus in my book) in it's own way, in that you get the look of the lights with a less obvious link to their donor.

    You could also consider R1 and R6 lights, which are more plentiful and have come in a good variety of different variations from the the different models of both over the years.
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  15. i like the second one, but it looks like a hungry mosquito :)
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  16. Don't like either to be honest. The 848 is a bike in really hanging for right now, but IMO, those lights don't sit well with the lines of the yam.I think the street fighter light would be a much better option.

    Oh and go for clip-ons too!
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  17. Yeah, I am definitely looking at going the naked look - so in a few weeks, should have it sorted - need to get some brackets fabricated and see if my mirrors that arrive are a decent solution for indicators.

    Fair enough Gazo, I love 848's but like I ranted earlier, they're just not for me - at present. One day... maybe. I'm not 100% on what you mean by street fighter light, I've seen so many random definitions of street fighter recently... I'm assuming you mean just simple old school looking lights, like something on a speed tripple?

    A lot of people think it's whatever random part you can get your hands on for minimal $ - which since I have some damaged 848 lights... well. Not that I have a clue. :D

    Something about the naked 848 reminds me of a praying mantis... half the appeal is I've never seen it done to be honest.

    I've got the light so something will be done with it - each to their own but thanks for being honest! I'm certainly considering clip ons ... I'm thinking about switching the front forks to R6 forks so that will probably be part of that conversion.

    Edit: Oh I think most ducati fans will probably consider what I'm doing a bastardization and sacrilegious ;) I'll call it a yamati. :D
  18. Boars lookup the Ducati streetfighter. I duno how to post pics off my iPhone lol.

    Edit: sorry after re-reading my post I can see the confusion. My bad
  19. Ah yeah, that thing didn't exist when I bought the FZ6. Once again tho, single headlight... not all too different from the FZ6 naked headlight. I just have a thing for duals. :D Also naked Duke frames do nothing for me.