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848 dark

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by benjamin78au, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Well decided to go down the path of the Duke in the end.
    Still running it in, and all i can say is damn, every thing gets better with more time on it.

  2. oh yes. want.
  3. I can see why you like it.
  4. *said in best fat bastard voice *

    ".... Aye, thats dead sexy ......"


  5. Looooveeellllyyy!!!

    More photos I want!
  6. How are you finding fuel consumption? Is it a daily rider?

    Ducati dealership told me 150km's average. Sound about right?

    How does it compare in torque and top speed to i4 600's or 1000's if you've ridden them?

    Anything you don't like?
  7. Very very nice bike. Enjoy it.

    Yes more pics.
  8. The 848 doesn't have a fuel tank, it has a fail tank :)
  9.  Top
  10. Fuel economy , is suprising good, so far even running in i getting a little under 20 km per L, and a 15 L tank, well should be good for 200 to 230 with out much issue.

    Am keeping it to below 6K RPM which is easy enough as has loads of torque.

    I took a hornet 600 for a ride, for a day , and the duke is a lot sporter ride, the 600 has nothing down low and needed heaps of revs to go. this thing on other had is smooth rom the bottom up. Havent taken any 1000 for a spin as took this for a test ride and kinda fell in love with the light flicky ness. Other bikes i jumped on just felt that bit bulky.

    Will get the rear softerned a little in the next few hundred Km , but we did 450 km on sunday , and i was suprisingly comfy. Wrists were a little sore but coming from the vtr i expected some more issues.

    And love the sound of a big twin.
  11. Get the plates BLKMGK right now! That looks sweet ;)

    More pics!
  12. dammmmmmmmmn that thing is sex on 2 wheels!
  13. Did you ride the 1098/1198's? If so how's it compare?
  14. Yup, Purdy. Enjoy!
  15. hmm , the 1098 and 1198 were actually 1 inch lower, but they cost too much new, and hard to find a good 2nd hand.

    And i will never use the 848 to full speed.
  16. that is an awesome looking bike!
  17. Ducatis like ferraris are mainly sold in red. I love the red but the black and even the white are real stand outs. Congrats on the black bike, it looks bloody evil.

    I want one.
  18. Bloody nice, especially in black.
  19. Gorgeous bike mate !
    Many happy riding adventures.....
    Oh, and another thing - if it was the attention from self 'moisturising' females that you were after, I think you've just succeeded ;)
    Very nice...Spoonta !
  20. okay 1 week in , and the fuel economy is wow.

    230 km on bit over 8 L of 98, i didnt believe it, had to double check the reading of the pump.

    400km trip in one day is okay , need to find an ozzy supplier for a few mods.