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'84 yz 250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Daynesy, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Im Chris from WA. This is my first dirtbike, only ridden couple of other times... think im in for a surprise.

    Picked it up and it looked like this:

    Kicked over first time cold, had good compression. Just had a leaking carb. Got it for a good price. Was "going to JUST" pull carby off for a build then ride in for the winter. Things always get out of hand.

    Pulled some bits off and gave it a spray:

    Blasted the carb case when I pulled it apart so looks nice now. Pin was really bent in it so good thing I pulled it all appart. All rebuilt now.

    Ended up looking something like this:

    Took seat and got refoamed and covered, don't have a picture yet.
    Also pulled the monoshock apart and replaced o-rings + cleaned up.

    I got that far that it seemed silly not to pull the motor, paint it and the frame and remove and clean swingarm bits. Was going for a black and gold theme:

    Actually there is a seat picture with it on the bike. This is with a quick painted tank, cleaned swingarm up a bit as well as chain guides and what not, cleaned up and painted motor, cleaned and painted radiators with new hoses... and nice shined up motor mount brackets (bla bla bla):

    Sat like this for a good year as I tried sorting wheels out... ordering spokes that were wrong and not refunded, along with nipples etc etc. This is after I bought another rear wheel, blasted and powdercoated them etc etc $$.
    My mates had just about, and still has just about finished his bike... so motivation X a billion kicked in.

    Pulled it down to a frame... of to powdercoaters... Bought new model wheels from Torpedo7 (awesome company)... and hey presto:

    Also had spring, pegs and bars done:

    Got a new braided line made up for the shock, plus the other bits here:

    Thats off to be oiled and gassed Monday... Got new stem bearings today to be put in next week.

    Got another update I'll chuck up in a tickle... hope people like it.

  2. Hi Chris, Your post got auto moderated because you generally need a few posts before you can add images. I have approved it now. Welcome and good luck with the project. :)
  3. Sweet looking project Chris, can't wait to see the rest of the photos! It's great that your mate's given you that motivation, nothing like the realization that you could be riding together to help finish a project.

    Digging the resprays too, nice colour choice!

  4. Paint job and rims look nice.

    Cant wait to see it finished mate.
  5. Thanks for the CJ, thought i'd throw it up to help myself along the way too haha.

    Cheers for the kind words guys, appreciate it. Mate kicked his cr390 husky over yesterday... so loud... I can't wait now :D.

    Didn't get as far as i'd liked on the wheels Friday... but will tackle the rear Monday and Tuesday after work.

    First I made these to suit my axles. Old on the left, new on the right.

    Put these on with the standard bearings, all fitted sweet. Then made up some spacer washers to center the wheel.


    Looks alright for now.

    Also got steering bearings today... so I can wack those in and put the forks + swingarm back on.

    Then make the new spacers for the rear, stick motor in and line up sprockets so I can make the spacer washers for the rear wheel.

    Shock goes in Monday for oil and gas. Then I tackle brakes.

    Also wacked this drawing together... clamps on forks and screws numberplate on. Will look nice and clean, set for me and a mate.

  6. It has started going back together now.

    Forks and swingarm are back on, with both wheels dummied up.
    Motor is in with radiators plumbed up.
    Wiring is semi hooked back up.
    Smacked front and rear fenders one today to have a look... looking like a bike finally!

    Get the rear shock back late this week... and awaiting a kill switch, throttle cable, side panels, rim lock, and clutch cable holder. At a stand still until something comes.

    I would post pictures but I think I need a higher post count, otherwise admin have to keep approving my posts ha.

    Just under 4 weeks until it HAS to be finish.
  7. - Suspension done, needs tuning.
    - Wiring done.
    - Wheels fitted.
    - Front brakes complete.
    - New throttle and clutch cable, kill switch too.

    *Now just needs kickstart secured, plastics attached, unit sticker taken off airbox lid, carb tuning, modify chain guide, complete rear brakes (later), secure fuel tank, adjust shock, secure pegs.

    That's it for now, going riding this weekend, made the deadline! Soon enough i'll get some bigger pegs, a new pipe, and some other bits.

    Couple pictures and idle vid, other bike is mates fully rebuilt Husky CR390, with a newly added Vintage Iron pipe (built in 6 days, speak to Rick Doughty):

    Before brakes etc etc:
    As it sits:
    1980 CR390:
    Idle as it sits:

    Hope you like,
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