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81-year old woman breaks 106-year old record

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, today surpassed her great-great grandmother as the oldest monarch on the throne of Great Britain.

    Queen Victoria reigned for longer, 64 years, but she passed away aged 81 years and 243 days, in 1901. Today the present Queen surpassed that record.

    Showing no signs of slowing down, she this year racked up 425 official engagements, (more than one a day for every day of the year) and should she live till the year 2015, a possibility given her relative good health, she will also surpass Queen Victoria's record of years on the throne.

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Long to reign over us..." doesn't it?
  2. pfft, the royals what a waste of space and money
  3. +1 :roll:
  4. Not for the British Tourism Industry!
  5. I agree entirely, and the curent batch of self obsessed playboys is not looking like it is going to engender any respect for the institution.
    I think Lizzie is the last royal that actually has the old world view of fealty being a two way street.
    I am a republican without a doubt, and definately an athiest, but I say god save the Queen and more to the point save us from what there is to follow.
    And burn all tabloids so we don't get bombarded with this SH!T
  6. God save the Queen! :grin:
  7. there is a queen? shit eh :?
  9. Why the Poms make a big deal out of theirs I don't know...
    Go to Sydney & walk down Oxford St - you'll see lots of them. :LOL:
  10. The sooner we become a republic the better.
  11. Apart from the fact that Australia probably just "should" be a republic which I agree with, you don't actually believe that it will be any different do you???
  12. I don't think it should be.
    Just remove that group of foreign inbreds as head of state.
    I'm pretty sure our system can accomodate.
    It's more about symbolism than anything else.
  13. [​IMG]
    me too
  14. How will it be better?
  15. Why? What will be different? How will becoming a republic help this country?

    Next you'll be wanting to change the flag...
  16. You really have a comprehension issue :roll:
    As for the flag it should not change because it is where we came from and it is where we are today.
    Stop making all sorts of stupid assumptions based on HALF a post.

    :inquisition: =;
  17. damn straight!
  18. howd i know you were gonna put that up there Joel :grin:
  19. Which begs a most important question..... Who should be on the back of the coins if we became a republic??

    (+1, ceremonial republic as opposed to ceremonial monarchy)
  20. Its slowly happening :)

    Royal Women's Hospital dumps royal treatment

    MELBOURNE'S Royal Women's Hospital has axed its reference to the Queen
    in a move that has reignited debate between republicans and monarchists.

    The landmark hospital in Parkville will now be known as The Women's after
    advice from consultants that its traditional name was ineffective.

    Greens MP Greg Barber welcomed the change and encouraged others to follow.

    "It must be sad for the monarchists, knowing Australia is just getting that little
    bit more republican every year,"
    Mr Barber said. "It's really only of historical interest
    now, so I think every "royal' organisation should make their own decision about
    whether it's worth keeping the title.

    "RSPCA, Royal Women's, Royal Lifesaving, I support their cause, it's got nothing
    to do with them being connected to royalty."

    Nationals leader Peter Ryan said it was a "most disturbing departure from its
    historical origins".

    "It's something that's been done without any real fanfare and I think the general
    community will be upset to find out about it,"
    Mr Ryan said.

    "This seems to be another example of apparently contemporary political correct-
    ness on the part of the thought police. They've decided that this is something that
    should be done under the veil of secrecy which has accompanied it and I think it's
    most unfortunate.

    "Surely if you're going to make a change of this nature you'd be consulting the
    people of Victoria, because it is such an icon of the state."