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81 GSX1100EX cam chain hitting head cover

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by nicka, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if anyone would have some suggestions as i am stumped on this one.

    I have some rattles in the motor that sounded like the cam chain and after checking the cam chain adjuster several times i had to go further and start dismantling the motor as i thought it was maybe a worn cam chain.

    But after i starting stripping i found the cam chain has been rubbing on the cylinder head cover next to the chain guide on the right hand side as you can see on the picture i have attached.

    All the cam chain guides are in as new condition with practically no wear and the tensioner is working fine.

    The guide sits higher than where the marks are as the picture is deceiving so any suggestions as to why this could be rubbing.

    The cam chain also seems to be in top condition with no stretching evident.

  2. did you remove the cam chain and measure it against the specs in the manual?
    i would be renewing the chain, it is showing evidence of stretch, because it is impacting the cover beyond the predicted area of exposure (black wearing material)
    a visual inspection will NOT tell you the condition of guides or chains, this should be done with measurment devices such as micrometer etc.
    if you CAN see it with the naked eye, you have let it go too far.
  3. ^^^^ +1

    also check your tensioner spring, they can appear to work but be too weak to work properly when under engine power.
  4. Is it an original tensioner? They tend to look OK in the static but under dynamic load tend to go astray.

    replace it with a manual tensioner.

    You don't mention the k's but the cam chain and possible guides may be cactus too.
  5. Those guides are not as new. Replace all guide blocks and chain. If your stock tensioner is a spring loaded one, ditch it and get an aftermarket manual one if it is available.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Thanks for the replies.
    Manual tensioner...Hmmm
    I was told to unbolt the original spring loaded tensioner about 5 mm and tighten the bolt to lock the pin and reinsert the tentioner to have it act as a manual one but i didn't like the idea of the chain being under constant pressure and not having the free spring load when required and i didn't know manual ones were available but when i tried this it didn't make any diference with the chain noise.
    Checking it out tonight i have found the chain to be good with the specifications and measuring it as mentioned and i may need to replace the guide though.


    The grooves are worn at the top center of the sprocket at its highest point and by measuring to the top of the sprocket from the top of the head and also from the groves in the head cover to the bottom there seems to be no gap at all between the chain on the sprocket and the head cover


    does it sound stupid that the cover bolts were too tight and the gasket being flattened has caused the rubbing.

    I know it may sound stupid but honestly there's no room at all for an air gap in between them or have i missed something :?:

    Also i don't know the K's as the speedo stopped at about 20,000 and i don't know if that was the second or third time around :grin:

    Thanks again for the help.