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80's Disco

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. My wife won radio tix's to an 80's disco a few weeks ago, that is taking place tonight!



    Earlier tonight she SMS'd me saying she's won the best dressed competition.

    Since many of Netrider's are 80's love children, or 80's children producers I thought I take us all down memory lane and show a pic of what she is wearing :rofl:

    (My wife is on the left)

    Hmmm .. I'm betting a few of us would much to prefer to keep some/most of there 80's memory in the back of the minds :LOL:

    No-one tell my wife I've posted this ... I won't get any for months if she knows :shock: :grin:
  2. Is it just me, or are the pics not working??

  3. No Pink, that is how their clothes look.... :rofl:

    Nah, the pics work fine.

    80's material is a staple of my band's repertoire... it lives on!

    Mouth... since things run in threes... get your wife to put in a tatts ticket!
  4. it might be time for me to break out my acid wash bolero cut leather jacket again, it's still in the cupboard !!!

    Might even still have me raw silk bib shirt, Duran Duran style !
  5. Ah, nostalgia ain't that it used to be, that's for sure.

    You're a brave man posting that, Jason; just pray she hasn't got some equally disturbing pics of your good self :LOL:.
  6. Bwahahahahahaha...Mouth you are so dead :LOL:
  7. Hey I got two of those in a draw somewhere? one black, one white but have you still got any 'penguin' pants of that era ? got a pair of black/white and blue/white in there somewhere too. not to mention a lot of stuff I don't want to remember ever wearing !
  8. :-k I see an opportunity here. Wondering what my :-# is worth to a site admin :cheeky:
  9. That's settles it; the Hypercolour t-shirt is coming out of the rag bag and back into the closet! :p
  10. she looks bloody sensational :grin: why can't we wear that out any more? :cool: :p
  11. all we need to top this thread off is doonx cutting his best 80's moves...oh rolla where are you with that vidz :LOL:

    You are a brave man jason :shock:
  12. Funnily enougth thats exactly what I thought when I saw you post that Jason-apart from sex, you aint getting sheeet this christmas :?

    Im pressuming that's Sarah's best boy George impersanation :?:

    And if it is, come to think of it :-k considering what he Boy George just got busted for, probably best you aint getting none :LOL:
  13. BRONSKI BEAT !!!!!!!

    That vid is for special viewing only ;)
  14. No Way!! Cyndi Lauper!! Most people seem to have forgotten that she wore a hat in almost all of her vids, but I thought the ball gown and orange hair was enough of a gievaway!

    It was a great night and sadly for most of you - Mouth's not in trouble, I love the photo and think I look awesome, wish I could dress like that more often!

    The Macgyver, Henderson Kids and Cheers DVDs (among other things) I got for winning the comp were more than worth it!!

    The wierd part was all the people stopping me and asking to have their photo taken with me throughout the night!

    My best moment was definately dancing to "Strokin" by Clarence Carter - man that brings back some memories!!!!
  15. Bloody hell!
    I may have picked you up at chasers!!!!!!!