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Featured VIC 80kph limit - Wildwood & Konagaderra Rds

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heli, May 17, 2015.

  1. The Hume Council and (I suppose?) VicRoads have given a few days notice that some 25-30 kilometres of great motorcycle backroads will be dropped from 100kph to 80kph limit from Monday 18th May 2015. Yet another case of dumbing down with little justification, the only media release comes from Hume Council last Monday (11th May) with nothing on VicRoads website. Regardless of your opinions of 3AW, Neil Mitchell may be featuring this on Monday morning to show yet again the lack of consultation for roads and limits in the north/north-west region.

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  2. Thanks HeliHeli. That's disappointing to hear though.
  3. Very sad to hear, a great road in the area. I suspect it will be a speed limit the locals will ignore though.
  4. We do already..... ;)
  5. Geez!! Bet it doesn't slow anyone down.

    (Thought you were out of the country Heli. Did you get my email?)
  6. Do pay attention, Greydog: we have the 40th Anniversary next weekend and I'll be here until then ;)

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  7. That makes it about the first thing done to Wildwood in 30 years apart from grading gravel from the shoulders into the middle of the road, and no more of a safety improvement.
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  8. You can still loop from Sunbury to Clarkefield via Gellies Rd and Konagaderra Rd without being impacted. :)
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  9. Have been using these roads and others in this area since I started riding (16 months) to hone the skills , spewing its come to this because it was not too far away .
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    All we can hope is that Police wont enforce it, Drivers/Riders won't obey it, and that Hume Council will sit in smug self satisfaction about their great wisdom and congratulate themselves with a fact finding tour to the Bahamas so they are out of our hair.

    And perhaps a motivated local good Samaritan will take all the signs down to build shelters for the homeless.
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  11. Reminds you how out of touch Vicpolice and local councils are on their "speed kills" agenda.
    This is only a cheap bureaucratic way to 'improve safety' on paper while doing jack all to make the roads safer like resurfacing, adding barriers and mirrors etc.

    Identical to the 90-->80 and 70-->60 crusade this will only result in: decreased following distances, lower concentrations and stupid more risks being taken.
  12. I was there Saturday, all new signs in place.
  13. It looks like only being part of Hume for just over a year. Then I only have to be elected Sunbury mayor, the rest is easy. I've never been to the Bahamas, sounds nice.
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  14. I travel that road every day to and from work, Sucks its being dropped. Might even see a speed camera in place for the first month or two, Just like sunbury Rd behind the airport :/ But im supprised they have not dropped that rd to 60 already lol.

    Either way. Think ill still be doing 100.
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  15. I got $20 says there's a local cycling peloton behind this.
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  16. Except that every accident that occurs on the road will change from the real cause to 'Speed being the contributing factor'...

    Maybe that's their agenda - they need more examples of speed being the killer. :-/

  17. Somehow I don't think so....just another 'great little earner' in the making.......fuggin kunts
  18. Think the police can still issue a speeding fine if a local was to change all the signs back to 100? Just have to find some 100 signs first. 100 Zones are going the way of the dodo